I Want to Know Everything No 236

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The newsreel includes the following plots: 1st plot. The plot tells how art critic I. Grabar restored the original author of the painting "Young Painter" - Ivan Firsov. Previously, the authorship of the painting was attributed to the 18th century artist Losenko. The plot includes the following filming: a view of the hall in the Tretyakov Gallery, a view of the painting "Young Painter" in the gallery hall; the restorer removes Losenko's signature from the painting, under which the autograph of the artist I. Firsov appears; newsreels: the scientist and artist I. Grabar is working on a self-portrait in the studio. 2nd plot. The plot tells about how in space it is possible to obtain pure yeast with the help of a special installation. The plot includes the following filming: a view of "Budochnaya" on one of the Moscow streets; bread moves along a conveyor belt at one of the Moscow bakery plants; the finished dough from the dough flows into another container; the launch of the spacecraft from the Baikonur cosmodrome; type of installation "Kashtan" for obtaining pure yeast on the orbiting space station; astronauts are watching the installation; laboratory assistant kneads the dough using pure yeast obtained in space. 3rd plot. The plot tells about the animals of the Moscow Zoo. The plot uses the following filming: animals in the zoo enclosures; among them: leopards, tigers, lynx, cheetahs. 4th plot. The plot tells about a craftsman who makes old bagpipes. The plot uses the following filming: panorama on bagpipes; master VV Brezgunov at work in the workshop; the master plays the bagpipes.
K. Rovnin
Film ID
, biology
, food industry
, museums
, restoration
, music
, cosmonautics
, painting
Number of Parts
V. Ropeiko, A. Ulyanov, A. Romanov
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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