I Want to Know Everything No 237

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The newsreel includes the following plots: 1st plot. The plot tells about decals, about the history of their origin, about the use of pictures in the manufacture of tableware. The plot uses the following filming: a girl sits at a table with decals; female workers of an enterprise specializing in the manufacture of dishes glue pictures on the dishes; panorama of dishes, painted plates; view of an old table with decals on the tabletop, belonging to S.V. Obraztsov. 2-nd plot. The plot tells about the invention of the caterpillar track by the English engineer D. Gitkot. The plot used the following filming: the movement of motor vehicles on the highway; the view of a country road soggy from the rains, a car skidding; tractors work in the field; the tank is moving along the tank track. 3rd plot. The plot tells about V. Tregubov, a ship modeller, who makes models of ships in bottles. The plot uses the following filming: V. Tregubov works at the table, puts a ship model in a bottle; panorama on the models of ships made by V. Tregubov, in bottles. 4th plot. The plot tells about a kind of show jumping for dogs - "agility". The plot uses the following filming: dog competition - "agility": a dog lies on the ground, women - dog owners run along the bridge, and their pets - a poodle, a dachshund - run after them; one of the women leads her dog between the pegs, one of the owners is trying to lead the dog along the board, spectators from the tribune are watching the dogs compete.
To Rovnin
Film ID
out-of-school education
, leisure
, automobile transport
, sports
, everyday life
, dog breeding
, porcelain and faience industry
, decorative and applied art
, plant growing
Number of Parts
A. Romanov, Y. Danilov, V. Ropeiko
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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