I Want to Know Everything No 240

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The newsreel includes the following film plots, which are presented by the circus artist Murat Abdullaev: 1st plot. The plot tells how different designs and even sculptures can be assembled from ordinary matches with the help of glue. The plot uses the following filming: a girl assembles a construction from matches; view of different designs assembled from matches. 2nd plot. The plot tells how old craftsmen return a second life to old cars and participate in them in car races. The plot uses the following filming: panorama of wrecked cars; type of competition in racing cars; spectators on the podium watching the competition. 3rd plot. The plot tells that coal and crayons are the most ancient pencils, and the most ancient art galleries are rock paintings on the walls of caves, which are more than one thousand years old. The girl draws on shallow asphalt; a panorama of a rock painting in one of the ancient caves; production of colorful paste from clay, soft pencils - pastels at one of the enterprises producing stationery; female workers lay the finished colored paste; the artist paints a picture with pastels; type of painting (pastel). 4th plot. The plot is dedicated to the circus. The plot includes the following filming: performance on the arena - clowns, trained animals are performing; circus artist - trainer Murat Abdullaev feeds the monkey, prepares it for the performance.
Y. Danilov
Film ID
automobile sport
, everyday life
, the circus
, archeology
, production of cultural goods
, painting
Number of Parts
V. Kolyushev, V. Ropeiko
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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