I Want to Know Everything No 241

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The newsreel includes the following plots: 1st plot. The plot tells about the gold leaf, which is used to cover the domes of the cathedral. The plot uses the following filming: molten gold is poured through a chute, an ingot of metal is placed on the kiln; weighing a gold bar; gold bars move along the conveyor; type of gold plates; a worker uses tweezers to put thin leaves of gold into the paper, blacksmiths beat the stack of gold leaves with hammers, the appearance of the resulting gold leaf; a worker processes gold leaf; the restorer works with gold leaf: he applies gold to a decorative flower with a special brush. 2nd plot. The plot tells about cranes that hatch chicks. The plot uses the following filming: cranes in the aviary; a pair of cranes at a clutch of eggs; species of chicks of cranes; cranes in the sky. 3rd plot. The plot tells about the guys who are passionate about ship modeling. The plot uses the following filming: general view of the models of the ships; young ship modelers for the manufacture of ship models under the guidance of a teacher; models of ships on the water; boys use remotes to control the movement of models. 4th plot. The plot tells about geysers in Kamchatka. The plot uses the following filming: a panorama of the mountains in Kamchatka; view of the valley of geysers; type of greenhouses that are heated by the warmth of hot springs.
K. Rovnin
Film ID
out-of-school education
, restoration
, animal world
, landscapes
, plant growing
, jewelry production
, geography
, zoology
Number of Parts
E. Pokrovsky, V. Ropeiko, A. Romanov
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