I Want to Know Everything No 243

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The newsreel includes the following plots: 1st plot. The plot tells about the preparations for the opening of the World Youth Games in Moscow. The plot includes the following filming: a view of a construction site in Moscow, where an Olympic village is being built for the participants of the First World Youth Games; young gymnasts - pupils of the school of the Olympic reserve during training in the gym. 2 nd plot. The plot tells about lace: cast iron, wooden, Vologda. The plot uses the following filming: Vologda lacemakers at work; view of finished lace; panorama of a wooden house, decorated with wooden carvings, incl. and with carved platbands. panorama on the cast-iron lace of the fence. 3-rd plot. The plot tells about the chemical element carbon, about its unusual properties. The plot includes the following filming: open pit mining of coal at one of the deposits: excavator bucket picks up coal; kind of a piece of black coal; type of objects that include carbon: graphite, diamond; the master cuts the glass with a diamond glass cutter; type of pencil with a graphite core; a master jeweler polishes a diamond and receives a precious stone - a diamond; type of jewelry with diamonds. 4th plot. The plot introduces the Karelian-Finnish folk instrument - kantele. The plot includes the following filming: view of the landscapes of Karelia, incl. and with a wooden church; a master for making a musical instrument - kantele; children's ensemble plays Karelian folk instruments (sinhr.).
Y. Danilov, E. Zorin, S. Reitburt
Film ID
out-of-school education
, fuel industry
, building
, everyday life
, gymnastics
, landscapes
, production of musical instruments
, decorative and applied art
, chemistry
, jewelry industry
, cities
, international sports competitions
, music
Number of Parts
V. Kolyushev, P. Tartakov, E. Uetsky
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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