If He Came Back

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The film is dedicated to the problem of preserving the monuments of the history of the North Caucasus. North Ossetia, Ordzhonikidze. Bust of A.S. Pushkin, commemorative stele in honor of A.S. Pushkin's stay in Vladikavkaz in Pushkin Square. The inscription on the stele: "Here from May 21 to 23 and from August 10 to 11, 1829, the great Russian poet A.S. Pushkin stayed in the house for passers-by." Tourists on an excursion in Pushkin Square. The guide gives explanations about the stele (synchronously). Fragments of text from the article by A.S. Pushkin "Travel to Arzrum during the campaign of 1829". North Ossetia. Minaret view. Ancient Ossetian villages Tsimiti, Dzivgis. Dzivgis rock fortress. Dilapidated buildings, towers, churches. The old church in the scaffolding. Men are mowing the grass on the mountainside. A flock of sheep in a mountain pasture. The boy rides on horseback. A group of tourists is walking along the road near the old village. The inscription on the stone: "Hello tourist." Tourists visit the "City of the Dead". Crypts in the "City of the Dead". Inscriptions left by tourists on the wall of a dilapidated church. The skull, human bones, taken from the crypts by vandal tourists, lie in a box. Tourists are photographed against the background of the crypts. A resident of one of the mountain villages. View of an unfinished modern building next to an old mountain village. View of a quarry near the village of Elkhotovo on the site of an ancient settlement destroyed during the construction of a bridge over the Terek River. An interview with a builder who says he did not know that he was working at a historical site (sync). Archaeologists are working on the site of an ancient Ossetian village. A restorer glues the fragments of a vase together in a workshop. Finds of archaeologists at the museum stand. The tractor is working on the slope of the mound. The tractor driver says he did not know that it is forbidden to plow the mound (sinhr.). An ancient village in the mountains. Dilapidated towers. Piles of stones in the territory of an old village.
S. Tsoriev
Film ID
, building
, archeology
, museums
, cities
, sculpture
, excursion work
Number of Parts
S. Tsoriev
Other Creators
Consultant Doctor of Historical Sciences V. Kuznetsov, sound engineer R. Tuaev, editor V. Vlasenko, director of the film crew V. Sabaev
Release Date
Has Sound

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