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The film raises the problem of the survival of Russians in conditions of hyperinflation, a gigantic jump in prices on the example of the fate of two Russian women - Vera Alekseevna, who lives with her grandchildren in miserable conditions on benefits from the state, and young Natasha, whose family cannot afford more than one child. "Swap meet". Old items for sale on crates, sidewalk. Drunk. The queue at the shops. Tishinsky market. Hand trading. Beggars on the steps of the underpass. Transport, pedestrians in the streets. Trading from trays. The queue for vodka at the dairy store. Empty shop windows and counters. Customers in the store. Sale of porcelain, crystal, perfume, technology. House of Vera Alekseevna. Room. Vera Alekseevna in the garden, gives interviews (synchronously). Dmitry Ilyich is speaking (synchronously). Chronicle. 1936 year. Showcases of grocery stores. Sellers weigh the goods. An abundance of goods on the counter. Fish shop counter. Queue for meat. Food prices. Natasha with a child in the park, giving interviews (synchronously). Playground. Underground pass. Musicians are playing. Chronicle: NS Khrushchev in the corn field, on the podium. BAM builders. Dairy plant, metallurgical plant. Descent of the ship. Ready tractors, airplanes. Demonstration in honor of May 1st. Soviet steamships with cargo in Vietnam, Cuba. Spanish children in the USSR. Germany after the war. A Soviet girl distributes bread to the residents. Lunch line. German children are having lunch with Soviet soldiers. A representative of a charitable organization from the Federal Republic of Germany distributes free lunches in Leningrad. People queuing up for lunch. Parcels with humanitarian aid. The old ladies are sorting out the parcels. Employees of the Institute for Business Studies at computers, give interviews. Church. Parishioners at the icons. A priest.
S. Shvetsov
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international connections
, religion
, pricing
, population
, trade
, electrical industry
, charity
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V. Lovkov
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