II Congress of the Comintern

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A film about the opening of the II Congress of the Comintern in Petrograd on July 19, 1920. View of the city of Petrograd. Meeting of the Congress delegates at the Nikolaev (now Moscow) railway station. Among the delegates who arrived: Yu.Yu. Markhlevsky from the Communist Party of Poland, Paul Levy from the Communist Party of Germany, John Reed from the Communist Workers' Party of the USA, Mikha Tskhakaia from the Communist Party of Georgia, Marcel Kashen from the Socialist Party of France, K.V. Radek, G.E. Zinoviev, N.I.Bukharin, S.S. Zorin and others. Delegates and members of the public go to Smolny. The delegates leave the gates of Smolny, decorated with welcoming slogans, and go to the Square of the Victims of the Revolution (Field of Mars) to the Uritsky Palace (Tauride Palace). In front of the delegates are a military brass band, a column of children. Children are carrying banners. Memorial plaque in honor of the visit to Smolny by delegates of the 2nd Congress of the Comintern. VI Lenin with a bouquet of flowers among the delegates of the II Congress of the Comintern at the Uritsky Palace. Delegates enter the conference room. G.E. Zinoviev opens the meeting. Speakers A. Balabanova, K.B. Radek, M. I. Kalinin. V.I. Lenin, P. Levy (Germany), Rosmer (France), Seratti (Italy), Yu.Yu. Markhlevsky (Poland), I. Gruber (Austria). Congress delegates and participants in the meeting leave the Uritsky Palace. The workers of Petrograd meet and greet the Congress delegates leaving after the meeting. Demonstrations in the streets of the city. Delegates lay a wreath at the grave of the Victims of the Revolution. Shooting from guns. Conductor of the Theater of Musical Drama and the People's House A.E. Margulyan conducts the orchestra. Musicians of the brass band of sailors of the Baltic Fleet are playing. The Square of the Victims of the Revolution is filled with people. V. I. Lenin makes a speech at a meeting dedicated to the laying of the monument to K. Liebknecht and R. Luxemburg on the square. Uritsky. Participants of the meeting welcomed Vladimir Lenin. N.Bombacci (Italy), G.E. Zinoviev are speaking at the rally. The building of the Palace of Labor, decorated with slogans and ribbons. Citizens on the embankment of the Neva. On the river there is a hospital ship "Transbalt" with colored flags. At the embankment there are ships with flags of color. Celebratory fireworks Note: 1. The film document may be used for scientific purposes, copying only with permission of the Austrian Film Museum. 2. Shooting ranges in the film in [Danish]. 3. A more complete version of the film "II Congress of the Comintern" (study No. 12919-I-III, 662.3 m) is kept in RGAKFD. As part of a set of k / t, pos., Lav.)
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L. Verigo-Darovsky, N.F. Grigor, N.F. Kozlovsky, [E.K. Chisse]
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