III Anniversary of the GDR

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Meeting at the airport in Berlin, the Soviet government delegation headed by NM Shvernik, who arrived to celebrate the III-th anniversary of the formation of the GDR. The delegation is met: Chairman of the People's Chamber of the GDR I. Dickmann, Acting Prime Minister G. Rau, Deputy Prime Minister O. Nuschke, L. Boltz, P. Scholz, Foreign Minister G. Dartinger and others. Welcoming speeches are delivered by I. Dickman and N. M. Shvernik. NM Shvernik, II Ilyichev, IG Petrovsky and other members of the Soviet delegation enter the hall, where they are met by the President of the GDR Wilhelm Pieck. N. M. Shvernik and V. Pik deliver welcoming speeches. The ceremonial meeting in the hall of the Berlin Opera House, dedicated to the third anniversary of the formation of the GDR. Speakers: Heinrich Rau, NM Shvernik, Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Poland Yu. Tsirankevich, Deputy War Minister of the DPRK General Kim-Un. Demonstration of workers in Berlin on Marx-Engels Square in honor of the third anniversary of the formation of the GDR. On the podium, members of the government of the GDR, President of the Republic V. Pieck, head of the government delegation of the USSR N. M. Shvernik, representatives of delegations of friendly countries.
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