Ilf and Petrov

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The film tells about the life and work of the writer I. Ilf (Fainzilberg) and E. Petrov (Kataev). Photos of writers. House in Lavrushensky lane. The message in the newspaper about the death of I. Ilf. E. Petrov at the coffin of a friend. Petrov's office. Plan of the manuscript "My friend Ilf". Photos by I. Ilf of different years. E. Petrov during the war (photo). Photos of Odessa - the homeland of Ilf and Petrov: a pier, a park, a boulevard, a square, a monument to Richelieu. Foreign ships in the port of Odessa. Personal file of E. Kataev (Petrov), criminal investigation certificate. The text of the manuscript "My friend Ilf". The train is approaching the platform. Streets of Moscow. Maly Theater, Sverdlov Square (from the windows of the tram). Transport on the streets of Moscow. Kiosk. Shoe shiner. Market ranks. Swarm. Trade in Okhotny Ryad. Buyers. Restaurant "Yar". People at the tables. The artist is dancing. Couples are dancing. The saxophonist is playing. Page of the magazine "Red Pepper". Cartoons in the magazine. Feuilleton with the signature "E. Petrov". Feuilleton "October Pays" with the signature "Ilf". "Gudok" newspaper. Feuilleton "Farewell Breakfast" with the signature "O. Twist". Pages of the newspaper with the signature "Chisel". A comic diary of a joint trip of Ilf and Petrov across the Caucasus and Crimea. Drawings in the diary. Photos. The building of the "Palace of Labor". Employees of the newspaper "Gudok". The text of the manuscript "12 chairs". Drawings for the novel "The Golden Calf".
E. Ostashenko
Film ID
urban transport
, printing
, literature
, sea transport
, public catering
, publishing
, cartage
, cities
, trade
Number of Parts
O. Krasnov
Other Creators
script I. Kemarsky, composer Kallosh, artist L. Tyagay
Release Date
Has Sound

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