Ilya Kopalin - Chronicler of the Era

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The film tells about the Soviet documentary filmmaker I.P. Kopalin. 1. I.P.Kopalin talks about his work in documentary films in the 1920s in a group of "cinematographers" (synchronic translation in German). Newsreel footage of the 1920s: V. I. Lenin makes a speech at the Vsevobuch parade on Red Square on May 25, 1919, views of the streets of Moscow, a pioneer detachment in the village, builders at work, a funeral procession at the coffin with V. I. Lenin's body in Column Hall of the House of Unions; among those present: N. K. Krupskaya M. I. Ulyanova. 2. I.P.Kopalin talks about his work in the 1930s - 1940s, in particular about the filming of the film "The Village" (synchronic translation in German), photographs of I.P. Kopalin in a group of filmmakers, in laboratories and on the set, fragments from the film "Village" (1930). 3. IP Kopalin talks about the work of cameramen during the Great Patriotic War (synchronic translation in German), fragments from the films "The Defeat of the Germans near Moscow (1942) and" Liberation of Czechoslovakia "(1944) 4. Fragments from films "Moscow" (1927) and "City of Great Destiny" (1967), I.P. Kopalin talks about the filming of these films (sync. (sinhr.) 5. IP Kopalin talks about the significance of documentary cinema (sync. translation into German), fragments from the film "The First Flight to the Stars" (1961).
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