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Days of the Union republics at the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy of the USSR (VDNKh) in Moscow. VDNKh workers and representatives of the capital's workers meet the delegation at the railway station, at the airport. The Friendship of Peoples fountain on the central square of VDNKh. Official opening of the days of the Estonian SSR; speakers are Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Estonian SSR Wendelin, Director of VDNKh, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor KI Mikhailov. Exhibits of exhibitions reflecting the development of the leading sectors of the national economy of the republics, science and culture. Among them - a model of the Karakum Canal in Turkmenistan, cotton pickers and tractors, dump trucks from Belarus, models of a coal harvester, oil fields in Azerbaijan, consumer goods. Meeting in the pavilion "Space"; twice Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR A. Nikolaev speaks to the audience. Exhibits of the Space Pavilion. Pavilions "Coal Industry", "Grain", "Nuclear Energy". Best Practice Sharing Meeting. Demonstration of fashionable clothes. The film includes newsreel footage of the construction of the Karakum Canal and the Nurek Hydroelectric Power Plant, a metallurgical plant in Kazakhstan, a coal mine in Ukraine, an oil refinery in Baku, a Gazli gas field, a cotton harvest in Uzbekistan, a mechanized livestock complex in Estonia, vineyards in Moldova, tea houses plantations in Georgia, synthetic fiber production in Lithuania, Matenadaran book depository in Armenia; meetings of the writer Ch. Aitmatov with readers and other stories.
I. Zhukovskaya
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fuel industry
, energy
, metallurgy
, livestock
, textile industry
, literature
, archives
, tractor and agricultural machine building
, reclamation
, plant growing
, history
, cosmonautics
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S. Gorchev
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