In Armavir

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Transcaucasian Front, 37th and 9th Armies of the Northern Group of Forces, January 24, 1943 Soviet machine gunners of the 295th Infantry Division and 11th Guards Corps are fighting on the outskirts of the city, in the area of the railway station, go to offensive. The Red Army soldiers take prisoner Nazi soldiers, who climb out of the building window, from the railway boilers. Prisoners under escort are walking along the street on the outskirts of the city. Destroyed buildings, private houses, incl. The Palace of Pioneers, a children's hospital with dilapidated sculptures of children in the courtyard, secondary school No. 6. General view of the destroyed city of Armavir (taken from an airplane). The passage of the artillery unit along Armavir street. Broken German military equipment, aircraft abandoned by the Nazis at the airfield. The civilian population returns to the city. The commanders of the Red Army talk on the street with local residents, handing out leaflets to them. People on the street greet Soviet soldiers, exchange handshakes with them. People wave after the departing Red Army men. A poster on the wall of the Drama and Comedy Theater with the announcement of the play by S. Beloy "The Harlot of Metrodora".
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the great patriotic war
, cities
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L. Kotlyarenko, D. Sholomovich, L. Mazrukho
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