In Demyansk District

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North-Western Front, Novgorod Region, Demyansk District, March 2-6, 1943. Hitler's 16th Army, defending the Demyansk Bridgehead, wanted to use it to strike important communications of the Northern Group of Forces of the North-Western Front. On February 23, the forces of the North-Western Front launched an operation to liberate Demyansk. The offensive was commanded by Marshal S.K. Timoshenko. For 8 days of the operation, 302 settlements were recaptured. Thousands of German soldiers and officers surrendered. A panorama of the broken German military equipment, of the broken 150 mm artillery guns. View of German warehouses with military equipment and ammunition. Stacks of fuel barrels. Broken German planes at the airport. German artillery pieces on the streets of Demyansk. Signalers mount communications on telegraph poles. Soldiers of one of the divisions of the Soviet troops are on the road, carrying military equipment on a sled. Signpost near the road with the NDP "Erushkino". A column of Soviet soldiers, shod in felt boots, walks along the road. There is a knocked down sign in German "WALDAJ - 79 km" by the road. General view of destroyed houses on Krasny Oktyabr Street in Demyansk. A 58-year-old resident of Demyansk, Ivan Semyonovich Semyonov, says that his house was blown up by the Germans only because he hid when the population was driven to Germany. I.S.Semenov and his wife dismantle the ruins at the site of the house. View of a German cemetery covered with snow.
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great patriotic war: destruction
, civilians
, second world war: german army
70,7 м (общ.)
A.M. Rubanovich
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