In Egypt

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Ancient pyramids of Egypt. Tourists visiting the Luxor temple. The peasants are planting cotton seeds. Landscapes on the Nile River. Dam across the Nile River. Canal in the village. Women collect water into jugs from the canal. Streets of the village. Peasants harvesting sugar cane. Collecting oranges at the orange plantation. Desert types. Sand dunes. Egypt map (animation). Suez Canal. Ships sail along the channel. Farouk's palace. The national flag of the Republic of Egypt on the gate of the palace. Military parade in Cairo dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic; President of the Egyptian Republic Gamal Abdel Nasser takes the parade. Blooming trees. Blooming mimosa tree. Fishermen in a boat on the river. Peasants at a meeting in the village. The agrarian reform commissioner reads out the land distribution act. The writer Abdurahman Sharkavi reads the pages of his new novel "Earth" to the peasants. Building and experimental site of the agrotechnical station. A group of agricultural specialists in the desert. A bulldozer removes the top layer of sand from an area where crops are to be grown. Construction of an irrigation canal in the desert. Potatoes, onions, beans in the fields in the desert. Meteorological station building. The village of At-Tahrir in the desert. Monument to the peasant woman Om Saber, who was shot by the British colonialists for participating in the partisan struggle. Residential buildings in the village. Peasant children study, work in the school area, undergo preventive medical examinations at the social center. Peasants harvesting sugar cane. Oil fields in the Red Sea. Refinery building. Building and workshops of the sugar factory in Kom Ombo. Construction of a metallurgical plant in Helwan. Construction of the Aswan Dam across the Nile River. Views of Cairo. Mosques of Muhammad Ali and Sultan Hassan. The building of the highest Muslim school - Al-Azhar University; students enter the university building. Students in the auditorium of Cairo University. Laboratories of the National Research Center. The building of the opera house. New and old areas of the city. Khan-Khalil - Gold Bazaar in the old part of the city; buyers are looking at handicrafts; artisans paint dishes and make jewelry. Lesson of a circle of the Russian language in the library. Exhibits in the halls of the Cairo National Museum. Restorers work in the temple of Ramses II. Scientists are excavating. View of Mahal-El-Kubra. Textile factory building. Streets of Alexandria. Ships in the port. Monument to Gaad Zaglul. Fish market in Port Said. Destruction in the city after the Anglo-French-Israeli aggression. Soldiers' graves. Construction of houses in Port Said. Port; unloading of ships. Press conference at the President of the Egyptian Republic Nasser. Festive opening of the Suez Canal.
M. Troyanovsky
Film ID
, building
, literature
, libraries
, reclamation
, plant growing
, geography
, medical services for the population
, higher professional education
, energy
, fuel industry
, fishing
, metallurgy
, textile industry
, meteorology
, islam
, landscapes
, monuments
, rural settlements
, land use
, school education
, sea transport
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, armed forces
, monuments of history and architecture
, food industry
, handicraft industry
, cities
Number of Parts
A. Zenyakin
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Has Sound

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