In Kazakhstan

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Steppe landscape in the area of Lake Balkhash. Types of mountains in Kazakhstan. Camel caravan moves in the steppe. View of the working village in the mountains. Moments of the construction of the railway. Ruins of the ancient city. Archaeologists at the yurt are studying objects found during excavations. Processes of work on oil production in Kazakhstan. Landscapes of mountain rivers, waterfalls, lakes. View of the polymetallic plant in Ridder, production processes in the foundry of the plant. Moments of work on the extraction of ore in the mountains. Fishermen catch fish with nets and load it on board a fishing vessel. Workers of one of the state farms cut off the horns of the marals. Nursery workers feed beavers; beaver floats on the river. The shepherds of the Chubarchi livestock farm graze sheep and cows. A beekeeper of one of the collective farms of the Alma-Ata region bypasses the hives in the apiary. The building of the Kazakh State Pedagogical Institute; Institute students at lectures in the audience.
I. Venzher, J. Poselsky
Film ID
protection of nature and the environment
, extractive industry
, railroad transport
, animal husbandry
, state agricultural enterprises
, metallurgy
, collective farms
, pack transport
, building
, livestock
, fishing
, beekeeping
, archeology
, settlements
, animal world
, vegetable world
, higher professional education
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Glider, Slavin, Dobronitsky
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