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Landscapes of Mongolia: mountains, hills, desert, river, forest. Residents of one of the settlements are in a group with an accordion player down the street, sitting in a clearing, listening to the story of a war veteran. Children are swimming. The film uses footage from newsreels of 1921: the movement of nomadic pastoralists across the steppe, the life of nomadic pastoralists. View of one of the cities of Mongolia. Trade on the street, work of artisans. Fragments of a feature film dedicated to the revolutionary events in Mongolia. Types of Ulan Bator. City streets, traffic. Visits to Mongolia by representatives of foreign states. Helping residents of cities and industrial enterprises to agriculture: cultivation of virgin lands. Speech by artists in front of machine operators. Construction of a canal in the steppe. Harvesting in the field. Work on current in one of the farms. Grain export to the elevator. Milk delivery to the dairy. Dairy production. Deer herds. Reindeer herders go around the herd, drive it to a new pasture. Hunters hand over the skins of fur animals at the collection point. A veterinarian examines the cattle in one of the farms. The worker feeds the calves. General view of the territory of the economy. The movement of a convoy of trucks on the ice across the river and a sled with a load. View of baskets with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, collected in the greenhouse of one of the farms. Collecting tomatoes. Students of one of the universities at a lecture in the audience, in the classroom in the laboratory. Operation in one of the hospitals in Ulan Bator. Spring landscape of Mongolia. Planting trees in Ulaanbaatar. Residents on the streets of the city. Children play ball, jump over a rope. General view of one of the sheep breeding farms. Sheep care, sheep examination by veterinarians. The women are combing the goats. Packing wool and down in bags. Herds of horses and buffaloes graze in the pasture. The zootechnician examines the foals. Dressage. The poultry woman feeds the chickens. Chickens and goslings in the farm yard. Piglets run out of the pen into the open pen. Feeding piglets. Shearing. Processing of animal skins in a tannery. Shoe making at a shoe factory. Production processes at one of the textile enterprises. Performance by a symphony orchestra at the enterprise. Production processes in a woodworking enterprise. Construction of residential buildings in one of the cities of Mongolia. Pupils of the kindergarten for a walk with the teacher, singing a song (synchronously). School students at work in the workshop, embroider in a home economics lesson. Children in the classroom at a music school, in a choreographic studio. The sculptor at work in the workshop. The work of bone carvers. Artists-restorers at the restoration of one of the ancient buildings in Ulaanbaatar. Archaeologists at the excavations. Extraction of [semi-precious] stones. Type of stones: quartz, jasper. Excursion to the local history museum. Production processes in the shops of one of the printing houses. Library readers in the reading room. Sportsmen-wrestlers in training. Competitions in national wrestling. Performance of ballet soloists at one of the concerts. Theater building in Ulaanbaatar. Choir performance (synchronously). Freight train traffic. Work in the workshops of the railway depot. Coal mining in one of the mines. View of the central control panel at one of the power plants.
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out-of-school education
, automobile transport
, woodworking industry
, building
, livestock
, architecture
, settlements
, preschool education
, libraries
, hunting
, trade
, plant growing
, music
, higher professional education
, medical services for the population
, energy
, fuel industry
, textile industry
, museums
, theatre
, landscapes
, mining industry
, school education
, everyday life
, archeology
, printing industry
, handicraft production
, leather and footwear industry
, cities
, railway transport
, sculpture
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