In Search of the Golden Fleece

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The film tells how "the character of ancient Greek legends Jason" was looking for the golden fleece in sheep-breeding farms of different republics of the Soviet Union. In the role of Jason - M. Basov 1 part of the Georgian SSR. Sea shore. A man (Jason) walks along the surf, goes out onto the road, gets into the motorcycle trailer next to the sign with the inscriptions in Russian and Georgian: "GOLD RUNO". A motorcycle rides along the Georgian Military Highway over an automobile bridge over the Arkala River, in the background the Ananuri fortress. Sheep farm. Feast of the delivery of sheep's wool to the state. Banner on the car: "ACCEPT, MOTHERLAND, OUR GIFT - GOLDEN FLEECE!" Adults and children dance in national costumes. A flock of freshly sheared sheep, horse shepherds. Georgian SSR, Tbilisi. Cable car Rustaveli-Mtatsminda, passengers in the cabin, they are escorted by dancers in national costumes, top view of the city, Metekhi temple (Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary). Yaroslavl region. River on the plain, sunset. The premises of a sheep farm, a worker puts a special can of milk for newborn lambs in the corral, a lamb sucks the udder of a sheep. Sheep of the Romanov breed graze in the meadow. Moscow. Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy of the USSR (VDNKh). Children surrounded the sheep and rams, stroking them, the owners of the sheep show the wool of their sheep. Show of different breeds of sheep: Altai, North Kazakh merino, Kazakh fine-fleece, Mountain Carpathian, Gissar fat tail, Romanovskaya, they are led by sheep breeders in national costumes. Uzbek SSR, Samarkand. A cart rides across Registan Square, mosaic patterns on the walls of the madrasah. pos. 274.6 m 2 part [Kazakh SSR]. A herd of camels grazes, (Jason) rides a camel, next to a shepherd on a horse. A flock of sheep with small lambs. A woman milks a sheep, a lamb sucks the udder of another sheep. Jason walks against the background of the mountains. Thunderstorm, the sheep are running in fright, the shepherds are gathering the sheep. The lamb sits under a bush and is found by Jason. Shepherds gallop through the rain. In a yurt, covered with carpets on the inside, a woman is carrying a samovar to the table, the family is drinking tea, and two more children are sleeping next to it. The boys are bottle feeding the lamb. Yurts stand on the banks of the river. Two rams are butting against the background of the mountains. The celebration of the beginning of the shearing of sheep: rewarding the shepherd, girls in national dresses, with musical instruments, two women carry smoking samovars, a boy rides a donkey through the crowd. Sheep shearing room, posters on the walls: "SHEARER - SAVE THE GOLDEN FLEECE, WILL LOSE GOLD WITH IN-QUALITY NASTRIG!" LET'S GIVE THE MOTHERLAND A QUALITATIVE, THIN WOOL OF ARCHAROMERINOS! "," FINE WOOL - A THIN APPROACH ". Shearing a ram, a boy ties the sheared fleece into a bale, bales of wool move along a conveyor belt. Shorn sheep leave the room. Adults and children sort out the fleece. Various sheep wool products.
K. Dilanyan
Film ID
national peoples life
, sheep breeding
, national holidays
, posters
, cities
, passenger transport
Number of Parts
V. Kipin
Other Creators
Scriptwriter N. Pozharitskaya, sound engineer A. Romanov, film director T. Shchedrina, editor N. Kaspe,
Release Date
Has Sound

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