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The film is about the life of the Spanish people under the Franco regime, about the struggle of workers for their rights. The film also shows Spanish exoticism and art, using the works of artists El Greco, Velazquez and Goya. The film introduces nature, manners and customs of the Spanish people. The film includes the following filming: demonstrations and rallies of workers, dispersal of demonstrations by the police, religious holidays, bullfighting, a bullfighting museum, foreign tourists on the streets of Spanish cities, trade in all kinds of souvenirs, paintings, exposition of the Prado Museum in Madrid, production processes at the Seville shipyard, coal mining and metallurgical enterprises of the North of Spain, a general strike in Barcelona, loading and unloading operations in the seaports of Spain, the villa of the artist Salvador Dali in the vicinity of Barcelona, paintings by S. Dali, fishing in the Spanish fisheries, the Columbus monument in Barcelona, the house-museum of H. Columbus in Valladolid, the Alhambra palace in Granada, the university in Granada, the dispersal of a student demonstration, the estates of aristocrats, the work of peasants in the vineyards, the collection of sugar cane, the funeral of Luis Carrero Blanco, the landscapes of Spain. Types of cities: Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Granada, La Mancha. Life and everyday life of city dwellers. Monuments of history and architecture of Spain.
G. Asatiani
Film ID
social and political movement
, labor
, fuel industry
, higher professional education
, metallurgy
, fishing
, christianity
, sea transport
, museums
, tourism
, entertainment
, shipbuilding industry
, peoples life
, spain
, cities
, trade
, plant growing
, painting
Number of Parts
G. Asatiani, Y. Baramidze
Other Creators
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