In Stalinogorsk

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Tula region, Stalinogorsk, December 20, 1941 The city was removed in one of the first days after liberation from the Nazi invaders. People walk along the street past the preserved five-story brick buildings. A horse with a cart is going by. A military patrol goes down the street. View of a preserved street with residential buildings. A boy is skiing down the street, men with shovels are passing by. Street cleaners remove snow from the street. The inscription on the building "STALINOGORSK CITY COUNCIL OF WORKING DEPUTIES". Panorama of the destroyed building of the Palace of Culture. The preserved facade of the building, signs "HAIRDRESSER", "CENTRAL BATH". The queue to the MILK kiosk. Men are restoring the destroyed monument to J.V. Stalin. Destroyed and blown up workshops of the Stalin chemical plant. Soviet anti-aircraft gunners shoot from cover. Residents are returning to the city, horses are carrying carts with furniture and things. Children ride in a cart under a blanket, adults push the cart, a man leads a horse by the bridle. View of the city from the hill. A rally on a city street: the townspeople listen to the speech of the senior major of state security Davydov, deputy chairman of the newly formed district council Kulagin, teacher of the newly organized school Tokareva. Residents of the city are cleaning snow on the streets.
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the great patriotic war
, cities
, destruction
A. Krylov, M. Shneiderov
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