In the City of Semenov

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The plot of the film is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the city of Semyonov. Performance of an amateur Russian folk ensemble in a clearing in the forest: members of the dance group lead round dances, the choir soloists sing to the accompaniment of an accordion player. Landscape of the Sanokhta River. An ancient document on the formation of the city of Semyonov. Pre-revolutionary photographs of the city of Semyonov. The tour guide of the Historical and Art Museum talks about the Khokhloma craft, standing at a showcase with exhibits from Khokhloma. Sign at the entrance to the city of Semyonov with the NDP: "200 YEARS - SEMENOV". View of the highway leading to the city. General view of the city square, administrative buildings, a monument to V. I. Lenin, a public garden. People are walking down the street, a Mebel van is passing by. Checkpoint of the foundry and mechanical plant. Production processes in the shops of the plant. General view of the city of Semyonov (filmed from the top point). Electric train movement. Monument to the poet Boris Kornilov. Excursion for schoolchildren in the memorial house-museum of B. Kornilov. General view of the exhibits: household items, photographs, books. View of the city pond. A group of children on the shore of the pond. An old wooden house with carved window frames on one of the city streets. In the courtyard of the house, a woman is watering a garden bed from a watering can, a man is taking apart wooden blocks. View of a basket with wooden spoons. An old man with a beard sits by a pile of firewood, cutting spoons with a knife. Another master is a woodcarver in his workshop. Type of products made by his hands: boxes, household items. View of wooden blanks in one of the city's workshops. The master of the Semyonov vocational school teaches his students to work on wood on a lathe, they process wooden blanks. Vocational school students in the classroom for painting wooden products using the Khokhloma technique. Members of the selection committee of the art association "Khokhloma painting" are discussing products proposed for mass production at the association. The masters of the association are at work - painting wooden products. Production processes in the lathe workshop of the association, where wooden blanks of products are turned. General view of the finished products of the Khokhloma painting. Wood carvers at work in the workshop. One of the craftsmen is working on a design for a wooden toy. General view of the workshop where Semyonov's nesting dolls are painted. General view of the finished nesting dolls. Matryoshka dolls in a forest clearing.
G. Timofeeva
Film ID
automobile transport
, everyday life
, museums
, landscapes
, production of art products
, artistic activities
, professional education
, decorative and applied art
, cities
, railway transport
Number of Parts
A. Mochalov
Other Creators
Yu. Vedernikov. A. Ermilov, V. Shubin, B. Kozhin, V. Gushchin
Release Date
Has Sound

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