In the City of Togliatti

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The film tells about the city of Togliatti, its inhabitants, the Volga Automobile Plant. Types of districts of Togliatti at sunrise and sunset. General view of the city from the plane. Multi-storey residential buildings; roses in a flower garden near the house. The bus pulls up to the bus stop. People on the streets. Children near the fountain. Selling books on the street from a tray. Department store "1000 little things". Buildings and steel tanks [Tolyatti production association "Sintezkauchuk"]. General view of the territory and buildings of the Volga Automobile Plant (AtvoVAZ). Factory workers go to work. A train of platforms loaded with ready-made Zhiguli cars is passing over the bridge. Steelworkers at work in the steel shop of AvtoVAZ. Assembling cars on an assembly line. The faces of the workers. Finished cars roll off the assembly line. VAZ emblem on the car. Finished cars on the territory of the plant. Schoolchildren in full dress (girls in white aprons) with bouquets of flowers on a city street. Students in the auditorium of one of the institutes at a lecture; the teacher is giving a lecture near the blackboard. Engineers work on computers. Tablet plotter at work. Race of cyclists on the highway. The gymnast performs somersaults with a running start in the hall. The gymnast performs jumping on a trampoline. Bricklayers, builders at work on the construction of a multi-storey residential building. Lifting the load to the top floor of a house under construction. Boats with sails on the Volga. City Beach. Vacationers sunbathe on the beach, swim in the river. The building of the Palace of Culture, Art and Creativity. On the building there is a creeping line: "In Togliatti" City Day "holiday. In the program: a festive concert ... "The folklore group on stage performs a song about the city of Togliatti (sinhr.). The carousel seats rotate. People in the buffet at tables and around the counter. Young people dance in the town square in the evening. Young people are dancing in the hall; DJ near the equipment. Celebratory fireworks and fireworks.
A. Beltov
Film ID
specialized trade
, urban transport
, holidays
, public leisure and recreation facilities
, school education
, building
, higher education
, chemical industry
, river transport
, club type institutions
, cities
, automotive industry
, book trade
, bytgorodskogo population
Number of Parts
N. Shumkova, A. Nazarov
Other Creators
scriptwriter V. Viktorov, sound engineer V. Shubin, editor B. Kozhin
Release Date
Has Sound

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