In the Days of the Spartakiad Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR

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Part I. The parade of athletes. The movement of motorcyclists with flags of the Spartakiad on the roads and highways of different territories of the USSR. Cyclists movement. Airplanes in the air, boats on the river. Riders gallop along the road. Participants of the marathon are running. Yacht movement. Motor rally Vladivostok-Moscow. Sports events and stadium competitions. The movement of a steam locomotive with a passenger train. Sportsmen in a compartment. Moscow city. General views of the city's stadiums. Meeting of the Spartakiad participants at the railway stations. Transport and pedestrian traffic. Participants of the Spartakiad on a river walk, on the streets of the city. Part II. Moscow. Spectators at the stadium, including A. Raikin. Opening ceremony of the Spartakiad. Government on the podium, including: NS Khrushchev, NA Bulganin. Part III. Opening of the Spartakiad. Volleyball competition among women. Part IV. Volleyball and basketball competitions among men. Competitions in tennis, running, jumping, gymnastics among men and women. Marathon. Hammer throwing. Part V is missing. Part VI. Diving and rowing competitions. Cyclists racing. Sports wrestling. Competitions of weightlifters, boxers. Part VII. Competitions in fencing, shooting, equestrian sports. Horse racing. Race of women. Football competition. Match between the teams of Moscow and Georgia. Gala evening. Rewarding sports teams of the republics of the USSR. Ball. Evening Moscow from the top point.
V. Boykov, I. Wenger
Film ID
, sports
, river transport
, railway transport
Number of Parts
M. Oshurkov, A. Khavchin, G. Asatiani, G. Aslanov, G. Zakharova, P. Kasatkin, A. Krylov, Yu. Leonhardt, L. Maksimov, M. Poselsky, N. Soloviev
Other Creators
B. Paskin (script), M. Matusovsky (poetry), V. Soloviev-Sedoy (music)
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