In the Flood Zone

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The plot of the film tells about the activities of the Civil Defense Headquarters associated with the catastrophic flooding of the area in the area of the hydrotechnical structures of the hydroelectric power station. The film was filmed on the basis of the exercises of the Civil Defense Headquarters, which took place in Kaunas and adjacent settlements, presumably under the threat of catastrophic flooding. The film includes the following filming: Part 1. General view of the flooded settlements, flooded as a result of the flood, people are rescued by boats from the flooded areas, horses in the water, cars on flooded roads, the view of destroyed houses as a result of spontaneous nano-flooding (foreign video footage). General view of the dam of the Kaunas hydroelectric power station, hydraulic structures, reservoirs. View of the streets of Kaunas, people walk along the streets, sit on benches in the park, at the tables of a street cafe. The dispatcher of the hydroelectric complex is on duty, checking the devices; a view of the city of Kaunas from the side of the Neman River, views of the river, ships are at the pier, views of the Kaunas hydroelectric power station reservoir. The operational duty officer of the civil defense headquarters at the working post in a special room, view of the control panel for the local warning system of the catastrophic flooding zone. The dispatcher of the hydrosystem informs the person on duty at the headquarters of the civil defense about the emergency, the person on duty notifies the population of the settlements adjacent to the flooding zone by phone (sync.), A signal of catastrophic flooding sounds from the speakers in the city; family members are sitting at the table in the kitchen, listening to the alarm signal from the receiver; the view of one of the settlements located in the zone of suspected flooding, of the road; view of a children's health camp, children line up on the playground, listen to the message about the flooding. The operational duty officer reports on the state of emergency to the chief of staff of the city's civil defense, the chief of staff in the office receives the message of the duty officer. The officer on duty informs the Department of Internal Affairs about the emergency, the officer on duty receives the message. Police cars with sirens pass the city street, a message about flooding sounds from the speakers. The chief of civil defense headquarters reports on the flooding to the chairman of the permanent emergency commission. The chairman announces the meeting of the emergency commission by telephone. The chief of staff of the civil defense sends a signal to the command of the local military garrison, which means that it is necessary to begin the organized interaction provided for in a catastrophic flooding. A military helicopter lands in a clearing, the military gets into the helicopter, the helicopter takes off. Telegraph employees transmit the text of the telegrams. View of the TV studio during a live broadcast, where the announcer makes an emergency message from the civil defense headquarters about an emergency situation due to a catastrophic flooding. The helicopter flies over the Nemunas. 2 part. General view of the building of the executive committee of the city council of Kaunas. Meeting of the permanent extraordinary commission headed by the deputy chairman of the executive committee of the City Council (sinhr.). The chief of the civil defense headquarters is holding a meeting on organizing the elimination of the consequences of flooding and providing assistance to the victims., Gives interviews (sinhr.). View of one of the military units. Soldiers stand on the parade ground, receive an assignment from the commander to participate in rescue operations. Military equipment moves along the road to the sinking site. A helicopter in the sky is monitoring the situation in the flooded area. A view of the workshop of one of the city's enterprises, workers on an alarm signal turn off the machines and leave the enterprise. Residents of the city leave their apartments, ascend to elevated places, to the upper floors of buildings; the cable car goes up the hill; launching a floating craft for its further movement to the place of flooding and rendering assistance to the injured; the victims are boarding the ship (barge). Evacuation of residents of the city, pupils of a children's country cottage, children vacationing in one of the health summer camps by buses; employees of one of the museums move exhibits to place them on the upper floors of the building; driving animals - cows, horses to safe areas, transporting valuable property by trucks; evacuation of residents from flooded areas with property by trucks; loading products from the store into the truck. The evacuees receive housing at the place of temporary accommodation. food is medical service. Chiefs of civil defense headquarters at the site of the flooding. The movement of equipment - bulldozers, tractors to the place of elimination of the consequences of flooding. General view of the hydroelectric complex at Kaunas HPP, dam, control room; the duty of the waterworks in the working room.
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, river transport
, everyday life
, museums
, civil defense
, water industry
, militia
, landscapes
, rest for children
, cities
, air transport
, ground troops
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A. Sadkova, V. Aboimov
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