In the Footsteps of Bigfoot

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The film is dedicated to the problems of human origin and the existence of Bigfoot. The film includes interviews with anthropological scientists from different countries (synchronously): I. Coppens (France), R. Leakey (Kenya), B. Eyvelmans (France), J. I. Kofman (Russia), I. D. Burtsev, Professor D. D. Donskoy (Russia), Academician V. P. Alekseev (Russia), Zhou Guosin (China); eyewitness accounts who talk about their encounters with Bigfoot (synchronously): M. G. Bykova, V. A. Chebotarev, V. S. Karapetyan. Mountain landscapes of the Himalayas. Photographs and casts of Bigfoot footprints. Drawings and sculptures depicting Bigfoot, based on stories and testimonies of eyewitnesses. Amateur filming of Bigfoot, made on October 20, 1967 in North America by R. Peterson and R. Gimlan. The shooting is commented on by Professor D. D. Donskoy (synchronously). Life of the chimpanzee family in natural conditions. Habits and customs. Crocodiles in the river and on the shore. Gorillas in nature. Life and life of pygmies. China. Pandas in nature. Indonesia. The dragon of Komodo Island is a giant lizard. A herd of deer. Birds. Film crew on an expedition to the Magadan region. 1988 year. The movement of catamarans on a mountain river. The village of Buksunga. Oroch reindeer herders' camp. Reindeer herders talk about Bigfoot (synchronously).
A. Згуриди, Н. Kadiashvili
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animal world
, population
, peoples life
, anthropology
, zoology
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E. Uetsky, V. Kuchkin, S. Kravtsova
Other Creators
script by I. Akimushkin, A. Zguridi, N. Kadiashvili, music by V. Krivtsov
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