In the Land of the Incas

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Cordelier Mountains, Andes. The city of Cuzco is the former ancient capital of the Inca state; airfield, bazaar; monument to the Supreme Inca Tupac Amar. Fortress and sanctuary of the Incas of Ancient Peru Machu Picchu; irrigation devices, water calendar, altar on the rock. Indian village; bazaar; spectators and players watch cockfights. Election of the spiritual head of the village. Feast of the expulsion of the devil in the port city of Puno on Lake Titicaca. The participants of the holiday are dancing in masks of devils, animals, monsters; the orchestra is playing. The inhabitants of the floating islands on Lake Titicaca. Monuments of architecture of Ancient Peru. Extraction and transportation of salt by loaders. A sugarcane plantation owned by a landowner. Workers chop cane with machetes. Fishing seiners in the Pacific Ocean for fishing (anchovies). Fish meal made from processed fish. The port city of Iquitos on the banks of the Amazon River; wholesale of bananas brought by peasants. Expedition of the filmmakers along the Amazon River. An Indian makes a pie boat. Rubber collector. Members of the expedition in the village of the Yagua tribe; distribution of gifts, observation of the wedding ritual. Lima city; streets, public transport, monuments, National Museum of Anthropology and Archeology. Celebrating Independence Day. Peruvian President F. Belaunde Terry goes to his palace. Palace Guard. The opening ceremony of a car plant owned by the American industrialist G. Ford. The bishop illuminates the factory. President F. Belaunde Terry is present.
G. Asatiani
Film ID
economic communications
, industry
, national life
, nature
, fishing
, cultural connections
, architecture
, religion
, sea transport
, state holidays
, usa
, trade
Number of Parts
G. Asatiani
Other Creators
Sound A. Dzagania
Release Date
Has Sound

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