In the Land of the Lonely

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The inscription on the facades of the building "Luninsky District Committee of the CPSU". They say the secretary of the Luninsky District Party Committee N.M.Buyanov (synchronously), film director Y. Fedyanin on the street near the courthouse in Samara (synchronously). View of the courtroom. Cameramen in the hall. The lawsuit of N.M.Buyanov against the creators of the documentary "Portrait of a Communist in the Background..." Is being heard. N.M.Buyanov accuses (synchronously) the filmmakers of falsifying the facts. Says one of the filmmakers (synchronously). Watching a movie in the courtroom. Members of the film crew in the courtroom. View of the Zamoskvoretsky Bridge and the Moscow Kremlin. Yuri Fedyanin talks (synchronously) with the lawyer V. F. Larina about the insecurity of human rights in Russia. Chief editor of the newspaper "Battle of Kulikovo" SV Ozhigin tells (synchronously) about his trip to Iraq during the Gulf War. Journalist A. G. Nevzorov says (synchronously) about Orthodoxy, the modern battle for Russia. View of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. Voting is in progress in the hall. On the presidium - General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee M. S. Gorbachev, N. I. Ryzhkov and others. IK Polozkov, AA Sobchak are speaking from the rostrum in the hall. First Secretary of the Communist Party of Russia IK Polozkov gives interviews (synchronously). Veterans of the Great Patriotic War gather in the park near the Bolshoi Theater. Veterans lay flowers at the memorial to the fallen. Athletes in balloons land on Red Square. Portraits of J. V. Stalin in the apartment of his grandson E. Ya. Dzhugashvili. E. Ya. Dzhugashvili talks about a film about the fate of Yakov Stalin, filmed at a Georgian film studio, speaks (synchronously) about the Jewish question. Newsreel footage: solemn meeting dedicated to the 70th anniversary of I. V. Stalin in the Kremlin; A. Ya. Vyshinsky is speaking (synchronously); those present in the hall are applauding. 1960s an abundance of goods in stores; collective farm market. Writer V. I. Belov speaks (synchronously) at a meeting with readers. The building of the newspaper "Znamya", the interiors of the editorial office; the path followed by the killer of the editor-in-chief I. I. Fomin. Cemetery. Wreaths on the grave of I. I. Fomin. Traffic on Lubyanskaya Square past the empty pedestal of the monument to F.E.Dzerzhinsky. The sculptures of F.E.Dzerzhinsky and other leaders of the Communist Party removed from the pedestals near the Central House of Artists. The former general designer of the Kirov plant in Leningrad, pensioner NF Shamshurin, talks about his life (synchronously). View of churches in winter. Monument to V. I. Lenin next to a destroyed church in one of the cities. Winter, blizzard, wooden house. View of one of the monasteries. View of the hotel "Russia". Shelves with complete works of V.I. Lenin. Red Square. The city of Leningrad. Young people play guitars, sing at the Winter Palace (synchronously). View of one of the canals of Leningrad. Domes of the Church of the Temple on Blood. The boat sails along the Neva River. Tanks on the streets of Moscow, demonstrators with posters "Russia, wake up!" walking down the street. The heroes of the film talk about the establishment of presidential power (synchronously).
Yu. Fedyanin
Film ID
, social and political movement
, communist parties
, road transport
, court
, the second world war
, air transport
, river transport
, rally and protest
, literature
, collective farm trade
, printing
, christianity
, landscapes
, sculpture
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