In the Land of the Soviets

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1-4 hours. Passengers in train carriages. Soviet border guard at the border post. German communists and Soviet people at the Negoreloye railway station at the Belorussky railway station in Moscow. Moscow. Foreign guests in Moscow stores. The leaders of the USSR at the aviation parade. Red Army soldiers on military maneuvers. May Day parade and demonstration of workers on Red Square in Moscow. Illumination in the evening Moscow streets. 2-7h. Workers in the workshop of an engineering plant. River tram on the Moskva River. Schoolchildren go to school. Children in a kindergarten at the Kauchuk factory. Students in the classroom. Foreign guests in the shops of "Trekhgorka", at the confectionery factory, in the restaurant, at the plant. Stalin, in the Moscow metro, at the Magnitogorsk plant, at the Uralselmash plant, at a metallurgical plant in Ukraine, at the Izhora tractor plant, in the working village of Donbass - Gorlovka. Monument to the Ukrainian poet T. Shevchenko. 9-12 hours -The work of livestock farms in various collective farms. Foreign guests visiting the collective farm. Collective farm meeting. The harvester is harvesting crops in the field. Baku. Oil fields. Schoolchildren in the classroom. Yerevan. Foreign guests in the park of culture and rest, in the carriage of a passenger train. Landscapes of Adjara. Tea plantation works. Batumi. Foreign guests swim in the sea, take baths in Matsesta, play tennis. Leningrad, Peterhof. Leningraders see off the delegation at the Leningrad port.
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railroad transport
, industry
, demonstrations
, air transport
, agriculture
, state figures
, cities
, international public relations
, tips
, public education
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