In the Name of Peace and Progress

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Visit of the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev to France. Driving cars with Leonid Brezhnev and J. Pompidou. Eliseevsky Palace. Hall of the palace. Leonid Brezhnev and J. Pompidou sign an agreement. Moscow. Kremlin. Hotel "Russia". Streets of Moscow. Cars are going by. Kalininsky prospect. France. Paris. Streets of Paris, square in front of the Arc de Triomphe. Soviet and French flags on the streets of Paris. The signing of an agreement in the development of economic, technical and industrial cooperation between the USSR and France by the Minister of Foreign Trade of the USSR NS Patolichev and the Minister of Trade of France J. d'Estaing. Exchange of documents. Odessa. Vorontsov lighthouse. The Potemkin Stairs. Opera theatre. Port. Loading works in the port. Port of Imichevsk. Loading cars. Motor ship "Biryusa" at sea. France. Island If. Marseilles. New port. Ships and facilities at the port of Fos-sur-Mer. Construction of a metallurgical plant. The pier at Foz Pier. The territory of the Soviet-French joint-stock company "Aktif-auto", which sells Soviet tractors, combines, road-building equipment in France. Tashkent city. New buildings. Fountain. Lenin Museum. Reinforced concrete building elements plant. Ufa. Construction of an oil refinery. French engineers at a construction site. Construction of KAMAZ. Small car assembly line. The director of the plant is V.P. Kolomnikov. Machine-tool plant. The inscription in French "Alcatel". French and Soviet specialists at the machine. Drilling rig in Kurtaman. Hose attachment. Chernassky chemical plant. Ammonia processing shop. Soviet and French specialists assembling a new workshop. A pulp mill on the Amur, where French equipment is used. Dairy plant in the city of Gagarin. Oil processing workshop. French line. Lunokhod spacecraft on the lunar surface. Crimean Observatory. Large telescope with laser installation. The village of Kogra. Ascent of a balloon to study the electrical layers in the atmosphere. France. Lannion is the center of television communications through space. Repeaters. Soviet satellite "Molniya I". Eiffel Tower. Moscow. Ostankino tower. Weather map taken by an artificial satellite. Equipment at the French meteorological center. Launch of a small meteorological rocket. A giant ring accelerator near Serpukhov. French bubble station "Mirabelle" on the accelerator. French specialists at the control panel.
A. Lukyanov
Film ID
, industry
, international connections
, sea transport
, meteorology
, theaters
, astronomy
, cities
, cosmonautics
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S. Chernyshev
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