In the North

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Development of the northern sea route. 1h - (194 m). Pilots MV Vodopyanov, MS Kotov, II Cherevichny discuss the route during the next expedition to the central Arctic basin. Pilot Maslennikov's detachment on the expedition. Departure of a group of artists from Moscow to perform in front of the expedition members. 2h - (237 m). A mobile scientific team flies to land on a drifting ice floe. Among the members of the expedition: Cherevichny, EK Fedorov. Breakfast preparation, research work. 3h - (112 m). May Day meeting in the detachment; VF Burkhanov, DI Shcherbakov, II Cherevichny and others after the meeting. Aircraft repair. Departure of the expedition to the mainland. 4h - (255 m). Views of Anderma, Dikson, Dudinka, Igarka. Academician Shcherbakov at the scientific device. 5h - (289 m). Cape Chelyuskin (from the plane). Port of Tiksi. Scientific expedition at work. Cape Schmidt, Chukotka (from the plane). Geurkhanov, Vodopyanov, Tolstikov, Mazuruk to the meeting. Filming by cameramen TSSDF N. Solovyova and E. Yatsun. 6h - (280 m). Novaya Zemlya Island, Franz Josef Land (from the plane). Shcherbakov during the expedition. 7h - (220 m). Preliminary inspection of the ice floe. Airplane on an ice floe. The head of SP-3 Treshnikov at the plane, a meeting in a tent. Pilot P.P. Moskalenko during unloading of the plane. Assembly of tents, houses. 8h - (251 m). SP-3 on an ice floe. Making bricks from snow for the construction of a "snow palace". Life in the SP-3 camp; polar explorers plant vegetable seeds in greenhouses; cut off onions, lettuce. Camp SP-3 at different times of the year. 9h - (276m). Polar explorers at work, among them: A. F. Treshnikov, Kurko, Volovis, Popkov, Malkov, Bulavkin and others. E. Yatsun at the camera. 10h - (271 m). The tent where Volovich (doctor), Yatsun (cameraman) live. Sharikov's cook at the stove. Polar explorers at lunch, go to bed, sauna. 11 hours - (230 m). Polar explorers sort mail, listen to a gramophone, play chess, dominoes, read books, watch movies in the club, take pictures. 12h - (164 m). Camp SP-3 during the polar night, polar explorers are asleep on alarm, get up, a crack on the ice floe, polar explorers carry instruments, transport houses to a safe place. Working: Tereshnikov, Volovich, Matveychuk and others. Cameraman E. Yatsun shoots. 13h - (258 m). Camp SP-3; the duty officer walks around the territory, a crack on the ice floe, the camp during a blizzard and heavy fog, snow melting. 14h - (181 m). Polar explorers sort out the mail, a plane lands at the SP-3 airfield, pilots Perov, Cherevichny, Mikhailov, Somov, Shcherbakov in the camp; departure to the mainland. 15h - (126m). Lowering the flag before the departure of the SP-3 winterers to the mainland. A. F. Treshnikov speaking. Dismantling houses, loading equipment. 16h - (235 m). SP-4. Camp arrangement. Ice exploration. Unloading equipment, houses. 17h - (270 m). SP-4. Raising the flag. Arrangement of an airfield on an ice floe. Loading food supplies onto emergency sleds. 18h - (230 m). Head of SP-4 Tolstikov, magnetologist Delarov, radio operators Tselishchev, Zavedov, meteorologist L.F. Ovchinnikov at work. 19h - (190 m). Hydrologists are working: Izvekov, Demyanov; aerologists: Voborykin, Shchekin, Simich. 20h - (241 m). Cook Tikhonov in the kitchen. Polar explorers at lunch. In the wardroom they play dominoes and chess. Volleyball game. 21h - (238m). SP-4, everyday life of polar explorers: the attendants carry water for the kitchen, doctor Paleyev conducts a medical examination, polar explorers feed the dogs. 22h - (201 m). Duty officers inspect the camp territory. Cracks in the ice field, hunting for polar bears. Blizzard at SP-4. 23h - (90 m). SP-4 during the polar night; polar explorers at work; sort out the mail. Meteorologist L.F. Ovchinnikov at work. 24h - (370 m). Polar explorers look at the sun, photograph the sunrise; camp during the summer. 25h - (220m). Arrival of the pilot Zadkov, management, unloading the plane, delivery of mail, departure from the SP-4 management, subscription to a loan; celebration of the birthday of the signalman V. Kaznov. 26h - (319m). Celebration of May 1 at SP-4, new 1955, elections to the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR. 27h - (143 m). Departure to the mainland. The arrived shift inspects the camp. 28h - (198 m). SP-6 at the Moscow airfield. Aircraft returning from the North Pole. Burkhanov reports to ZA Shashkov. DI Shcherbakov, Bardin, Shashkov are speaking (sinhr.). 29h - (242m). Landscapes of the Arctic Ocean. SP-3: winterers at scientific work. 30h - (284 m). Camp SP-4 in the summer, sunrise, winterers at work. 31h - (127 m). Climb. The winterers wash themselves, sort out the parcels. 32h - (99 m). SP-4: arrival of Moscow artists. V. Dudova, R. Zelenaya and others are performing at the concert.
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, nature
, sea transport
, public holidays
, animal world
, landscapes
, expeditions
, air transport
, development of new lands
, home life
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A. Istomin, Yatsun, Solovieva, Soloviev, Lozovsky, B. Makaseev
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