In the Russian North

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The film tells about the Russian North. Landscape of one of the northern rivers (Northern Dvina? Filmed from an airplane). River rafting. Mechanized loading of sleepers onto a special railway platform. Skidding of the cut wood. View of one of the industrial enterprises in the North of Russia. The pilot in the helicopter cockpit. Helicopter in the sky. A man in a sleigh rides across a snow-covered field. Panorama with a man in a sleigh on a winter landscape. Another winter landscape: copses, snow-covered fields, fir trees in the forest (an old Russian folk song sounds off-screen). View of a rural street with houses in one of the villages of the Russian North. A man drives a snowmobile along a rural street, followed by a sleigh. Wooden skates on the roofs of rural houses. Rural children with sledges run down the street. Rural church in the background. A boy with firewood climbs the high stairs to the house. A panorama from a pile of firewood to a little boy with a sled. Rural street view. The woman at the well takes water. A girl - folk master Natasha Kuzmina works on an old loom. View of a rural house decorated with wooden carvings. Bell on the bell tower of a rural church. Panorama of the village church. Panorama of a log wall of a rural house built in the traditions of the Russian North with roof windows. Panorama of one more wooden village temple. Wooden crosses in a rural cemetery. The blades of a wooden mill are spinning. Carved wooden sun under the roof of a country house decorated with carvings. Fragments of wood carving. View of the icon with a lit icon lamp. Monuments of wooden architecture in Kizhi: the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord (1714), the Church of the Intercession of the Virgin (1764), the chapel of the Archangel Michael, a unique eight-winged windmill designed and built by A. Bikanin (transported to Kizhi in 1928 from the village of Volkostrov) ; Oshevnev House-Museum - an old building built in 1876 in the village of Oshevnevo in the tradition of northern architecture, decorated with elegant balconies with balusters and a decorative openwork gallery (moved to Kizhi in 1958); interior view of the house: a stove, benches, a cradle for children, a tub of water, a fire in the stove, kitchen utensils, a spinning wheel and a carved wooden box on the window (behind the scenes an old Russian folk song sounds like a lullaby). A girl in the workshop of the father of folk craftsman Dmitry Klopov, plays with wooden toys that her father made for her. Dmitry Klopov at work in a carpentry workshop - making a bird of happiness, hanging it from the ceiling. Kind of ready-made birds of happiness (an old Russian folk song sounds behind the scenes). Landscape of the Russian North with a wooden temple. The girl - the leader of the folklore ensemble Katya Zorina stands on the bell tower of a wooden church, sings a Russian folk song (sync. And for the frame.). Panorama from the winter landscape to the wooden buildings. View of the monuments of wooden architecture of the Russian North, decorated with carvings. General view of Kizhi.
М. Bakenbaev
Film ID
rural settlements
, everyday life
, christianity
, timber industry
, landscapes
, cartage
, decorative and applied art
, monuments of architecture
, air transport
Number of Parts
A. Slutsky
Other Creators
sound engineer B. Pozdnyakov, editor E. Pritsker
Release Date
Has Sound

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