In the Sky YAK-40

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The film tells about the Yak-40 aircraft, which, along with its effective use on intercity flights within the USSR, became the first domestic aircraft to be operated by companies from foreign countries, in particular in Africa. 1 part. Passengers get off the bus on the airfield of the airfield. The plane descends. Passengers go up the ladder to the plane, sit down in their seats in the aircraft cabin. The commander of the ship in the cockpit at the helm. The plane scatters across the airfield and takes off, flies in the sky. Yak-40 lands at the airfield. Airport building in Kostroma. View of the Ipatiev Monastery. Tourists leave the cathedral. View of the territory of the monastery. Aircraft Yak-40 on the airfield of the Khorog airport in Tashkent; around - Fan Mountains. The dispatcher is in the cockpit at the device. Passengers at the airport awaiting boarding. Uzbek girls waving their hands, bouquets of flowers. The Yak-40 plane flies over the snowy peaks. A pilot in the cockpit of an airplane that flies over the mountains. Camel in the desert. View of the landing plane. Designers of the OKB of Alexander Sergeevich Yakovlev are discussing a new model of the Yak - Yak-42 aircraft. Design Bureau General Designer A. S. Yakovlev in the office during a discussion. A group of aircraft designers at the Yak plane at one of the International Air Shows (aviation exhibition in Hanover). Airplanes of different countries on the airfield of the air show. Among aircraft designers A. Yakovlev. Assembly shop of the Saratov Aviation Plant. The Yak-40 aircraft of the Balkan company and the Yak-40 aircraft of other companies at the Sheremetyevo airfield. Aircraft designer A. Yakovlev talks with his colleagues at the airport in South America. Meeting the Soviet delegation headed by Yakovlev at the airport after returning from South America. The next route of the Yak-40 aircraft is 17 African countries. The Yak-40 aircraft landed at the airport of one of the countries of the African continent - the capital airport of Ethiopia. Passengers who have flown on the Yak-40 go down the ladder. Meeting of Soviet designers with specialists from different companies, journalists. View of the capital of Ethiopia - Addis Ababa. Automobile transport, buses pass along one of the streets of the city. Stained glass window in the Ethiopian government building. View of the square and the monument in the form of a lion. Landing plane Yak-40 at the airport in the capital of Kenya - Nairobi. View of one of the hotels, hotel area with a swimming pool. Residents on the streets of Nairobi. General view of the mosque. River view. The girl in the boat. View of one of the villages and cultivated plots of land. Collecting fruits of coffee trees. Workers of one of the agricultural cooperatives drying coffee beans. Landscapes of Kenya. Kenya Natural Park. Ostriches, giraffes, zebras, monkeys, lions in the savannah, elephants by the river. View of Mount Kilimanjaro (filmed from an airplane). Dar es Salaam airport in Tanzania. City street. Tanzanian President Julius Nyerera and members of the Tanzanian government meets the USSR delegation at the airport. Residents of the city on the streets, in the bazaar. View of the shopping arcade. General view of the church in Dar es Salaam. General view of one of the hotels with a swimming pool on the seashore. NDP in the palm grove. Part 2. Inauguration of the bridge over the Kagera border river between Tanzania and Rwanda. African dances on the occasion of one of the holidays. Drummers are playing. Dancing Africans at the capital airfield of Zambia. The plane of the President of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda - Yak-40 rises into the sky. After landing, the President thanks the members of the Soviet delegation for the excellent aircraft. Travel through the capital of Zambia - Lusaka. View of the central street. The building of the Museum of Folk Art. Sale of souvenirs on the street. The plane takes off from the airfield. View of one of the streets of the capital of Nigeria - Lagos. Representatives of the official and business circles of Nigeria in the cabin of the AN-40 aircraft. One of the leaders of the Nigerian aviation makes an entry in the guestbook. Santa Isabel (Malabo) is the capital of Equatorial Guinea. Meeting of members of the USSR delegation with the country's leadership. Ocean shore. Local residents on the shore. Arrival of the Yak-40 aircraft to Senegal. A square in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. Streets, buildings, cars. Craftsmen for the manufacture of folk art items on the embankment. Souvenir trade. View of the fishing village. Fishermen in a boat swim up to the shore, unload the catch. Senegalese children. Airfield in Mauritania. Aircraft Yak-40 at the airport. Nomads in the desert. Desert sandstorm over the airport. Camel. View of Rabat (filmed) - the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco. Yak-40 at Rabat airport. Solemn meeting of the Soviet delegation. The Soviet delegation with the AN-40 in Tunisia. Residents on the streets of the city. Ancient cultural monuments of Tunisia. Tourists visiting the ruins at the site of ancient Carthage. Ruins of the palaces of Queen Alice and other monuments of antiquity. Members of the Soviet delegation are on the bus to the airport, sitting in the aircraft cabin during the flight. Return of the delegation members from the flight, meeting at the airport in Sheremetyevo. Far North. Sled dogs. The representatives of the small ethnic group of the Far North are talking in anticipation of the arrival of the plane. The landing of the Yak-40 aircraft. A family of reindeer herders. A man holds a child in his arms. Passengers in the cabin. Men stand on the runway next to reindeer teams. The plane takes off, flies in the sky. Kamchatka. View of Klyuchevskaya Sopka, one of the active volcanoes of Kamchatka. The Yak-40 plane at the airfield after landing, the passengers are walking along the airfield. The airport building in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The plane lands at the airfield in Kostroma. Temples of Kostroma. Solemn presentation of a gift to the ten millionth passenger - Moscow engineer Evgeny Klushin at a meeting of Aeroflot representatives. Seeing Yevgeny Klushin at the airport. Passengers of the flight Moscow - Kostroma in the cabin of the YAK-40 aircraft. The flight attendant presents flowers to E. Klushin.
L. Danilov
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, ethiopia
, kenya
, islam
, landscapes
, decorative and applied art
, nigeria
, tanzania
, everyday life
, international economic relations
, agriculture
, equatorial guinea
, monuments of architecture
, senegal
, aviation industry
, christianity
, morocco
, tunisia
, cities
, air transport
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D. Nazarov, A. Khavchin, I. Kevorkov
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sound operator I. Sunday
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