In the Steppe Village

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The plot of the film tells about the collective farm. Karl Marx in the Orenburg region, its chairman - Anatoly Dmitrievich Tikhonov, on the development of a collective farm village. General view of the village, rural streets, houses of collective farmers. Agricultural machinery drives through one of the village's streets, schoolchildren walk across the field with shovels, a bakery worker loads trays of freshly baked bread into a van for delivery to shops. A motorcycle is standing on one of the streets, next to it is a calf on a leash. The boys walk up to the motorcycle, sit on it and drive away. The projectionist unloads the Yaufa with films from the back to be shown at the House of Culture. Planting tree seedlings along the streets of the village: a truck with seedlings moves along the street, stops at houses, the girls unload the seedlings for planting. Schoolchildren are planting seedlings in the school yard. Cars "Volga" and "Zhiguli" drive along a rural street to the building of the board of the collective farm. Karl Marx. Kolkhoz chairman A.D. Tikhonov and board members greet guests from the Orenburg region who came to participate in the press conference of the millionaire collective farm chairman. The guests visiting the livestock complex of the collective farm. A herd of cows grazes in a meadow by the river. A woman with a movie camera is filming. Press conference in the office of A.D. Tikhonov. AD Tikhonov talks about the work of the collective farm, the priority sectors of the economy, the income and profits of the millionaire collective farm (sinhr.), Answers questions from those present at the press conference. The cameraman is filming the press conference. Construction of a new barn on the territory of the livestock complex. Bulldozer demolishes old houses of collective farmers - residents of one of the collective farm villages. People are watching the demolition of dilapidated houses. View of a village street with new houses of collective farmers. Boys ride bicycles down the street. Construction of one of the production premises on the collective farm, construction of brick cottages for collective farmers. Collective farm director A.D. Tikhonov talks with one of the first collective farmers. General view of the building of a rural school. Children at recess in the school yard. A group of girls on the street, jumping rope, talking. The boys, who climbed into the tractor trailer, quickly jump out of it (behind the scenes, A. Tikhonov's story about the collective farm, about the life of collective farmers is heard). Pupils of the rural kindergarten play for a walk. Delivery of gas cylinders to villagers. Type of livestock complex. Milkmaids are getting ready for milking: they put on robes, tie kerchiefs on their heads, talk. The tractor in the field harrows the plowed land. Tractors drive along the street of the village. The villagers disembark from the bus at the bus stop. A young man meets his wife, who returned with a child from the hospital. All together go to the house. A group of women on the street by the fence. General view of the village. Celebrating Victory Day in the village: veterans and residents of the village in the central square, where a monument to the perished fellow villagers is erected and an eternal flame burns. A brass band is playing. The collective farm chairman lays a wreath at the monument. General view of the wreaths at the pedestal of the monument. Evening shooting of the village. Dancing in the house of culture (view from the street. On the dancing couples in the lighted windows). The chairman of the collective farm A.D. Tikhonov in his office, talking on the phone.
М. Serkov
Film ID
, out-of-school education
, rural settlements
, state agricultural enterprises
, school education
, cultural and educational work
, livestock
, everyday life
, preschool education
, construction
, plant growing
Number of Parts
A. Mochalov, A. Nazarov, K. Urbanovich
Other Creators
V. Suslov
Release Date
Has Sound

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