In the World of Chemistry

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Moscow city. Opening of the International Exhibition "Chemistry in Industry, Construction and Agriculture" in Sokolniki Park. Speakers: Minister of Chemical Industry of the USSR L. A. Kostandov, Chairman of the Presidium of the All-Union Chamber of Commerce M. V. Nesterov. AN Kosygin cuts the ribbon opening the exhibition. Samples of products produced by the chemical industry in the pavilions of England, Austria, Denmark, Australia, USSR, Italy, Germany, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Belgium, France. Samples of the first synthetic rubber, obtained by S.V. Lebedev in 1930, on a stand in the Museum of the October Revolution. The production of synthetic rubber in the workshop of one of the factories in the USSR. Demonstration of clothes made of artificial fibers, decorative plastic, insulating material, fiber optics, automatic machines for packaging drugs. Foreign scientists in the laboratory of a research institute get acquainted with the features of organic silicon compounds created by Academician Andrianov. Business negotiations in the pavilion of Italy, France, Japan. Stands with fungicides produced by the chemical industry of the USSR. The helicopter sprays the vineyard. AN Kosygin, Leonid Brezhnev, AI Mikoyan visiting the exhibition, talking with representatives of foreign firms.
L. Ostrovsky
Film ID
scientific connections
, chemical industry
, agriculture
, economic communications
Number of Parts
L. Kachuryan, Sh. Gegelashvili, A. Kaznin, A. Klimentiev, Y. Revzin
Other Creators
Sound N. Kuznetsov
Release Date
Has Sound

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