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Scientific expeditionary ship "Malaya", equipped by the British Geographical Society, en route to India. Madras city: streets, bazaar, street musicians. Hindus wash their clothes in the river, dry them on the shore. Leather processing in a tannery, leather goods manufacturing. Members of the jungle hunting expedition; hunting trophies. Collecting and transporting cotton on a cotton plantation in Nagar. Workers in the shops of the spinning and weaving factories. Production processes at a steel plant in Jaemshidpur: metal smelting, rolling, finished metal ingots. Expedition members travel along the most winding railway in the world to Kurseong (in the Himalayas). Panoramic shooting of Darjeeling among the eternal snows of the Himalayas. Kolkata city. Sacred city of Benares. Hindus bathe in the waters of the Ganges River. Honeymoon trip along the Ganges River. The ceremony of burning the deceased at the stake. View of Durga Kund (monkey temple), frolicking monkeys. Exterior of the Golden Temple of Shiva; statues in the temple of gold; sacrifices in the temple. Sacred animals in the town square of Benares; fakir on the street. Hindus bathe in the sacred pool of Manikamika Kund. The city of Agra. View of the Mausoleum of Sultan Shah Jahan Taj Mahal. Members of the expedition visiting the monuments of ancient architecture. The grave of the great mogul Akbar; Pearl Mosque with treasures of pearls and gold. Abandoned city - Fatespug-Sikri; grave of Sheikh Selim and Islam Khan. The Juma-Museing Mosque, the Viceroy's Palace in Delhi, the ruins of the Kutambinara minaret. Celebrations in Delhi in connection with the opening of meetings of the "House of Princes" with the participation of Indian maharajas. Among them: Maharaja Patkali, Bikaner, Kashmir, Bundi, Jodhpur. Parade of British military units in Rovalpindi; cavalry is passing by, camels are passing by, a solemn procession of elephants. Circus performance: circus numbers are performed by a parrot, elephants, acrobats, wrestlers; drumming; cock-fights. Bombay city. Crowds of people in the streets; snake charmer. Docks in the port. Ship repair. Horse racing at the hippodrome. Return journey of the expedition. Ship "Malaya" in the port of Aden; visit of the ship by the Arab Sultan Fadhi. View of the sphinx and the pyramid of Cheops (Egypt).
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