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Moscow city. Meeting of the delegation of cultural and art workers of India at the airport. Among those present: A. Gerasimov, N. E. Tverdokhlebov. Out of the plane: Tara Choudhry, Suryamukhi, Tombino Devi, Gian Ghosh, Chandrasekhar. Members of the delegation are on the streets of the city, visiting the monuments, the Moscow Kremlin, the building of Moscow State University, metro stations, VSHV. Press conference of the Indian delegation. Speakers: Chandrasekhar, Gopinath. Meeting at the House of Composers. T. N. Khrennikov speaking. A. I. Khachaturyan performs his work. Receiving the delegation at the USSR Ministry of Culture. S. V. Kaftanov speaking. Banquet at the Metropol restaurant. Among those present: S. V. Kaftanov, T. Khanum, Raj Kapoor, I. Pyriev, M. Plisetskaya, M. Ladynina, T.F. Makarova and others. Tara Choudhry is dancing. Ballet dancers are performing. The city of Kiev. Members of the delegation pass through the streets, inspect the monuments, ride a boat on the Dnieper. The city of Leningrad. A banquet in honor of the peace supporters who have arrived aboard the Batory steamer. Among those present: Chandrasekhar, A. Andreen, SV Obraztsov, NK Cherkasov and others. Indian artists visiting the sights of the city: the Russian Museum, Peterhof. Yerevan city. Indian artists sightseeing. Tbilisi city. Indian artists on the streets of the city, visiting Mtskheta, the cathedral, visit the house of IV Stalin in Gori. Moscow city. Departure of the delegation. S. V. Kaftanov speaking.
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urban transport
, cultural connections
, exhibitions
, air transport
, higher education
, river transport
, public catering
, india
, museums
, cities
, borbazamir
, art
Number of Parts
V. Citron, B. Sher, V. Vorontsov, Kogan, G. Asatiani, L. Arzumanov
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