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Terrain types: Sunda Strait, Bali Island, Malay Archipelago, Java Sea, Jakarta volcano, Megowatti Island, quinine plantation near Bandung. Jakarta city. The streets of the town. Transport movement. The building of the national museum. Building of the Faculty of Medicine of the University. Students at the building. Everyday life of the city dwellers. Construction of new houses. Sea port. Ships in the port. Shipyard. Launching of the ship "Fatima". The airport. Members of the delegation of Indonesian women at the airport. Military parade dedicated to the 9th anniversary of the Armed Forces. President of Indonesia Sukarno speaking. Palace of the President. USSR Ambassador to Indonesia Dmitry Zhukov presents his credentials to President Sukarno of Indonesia. Fishing villages in the area of Jakarta. Fishermen catch fish. The territory of the International Exhibition. President Sukarno visits the Indonesian pavilion with his family. Indonesians visiting the exhibits in the pavilion of the USSR. Yogyakarta city. Sculptor, woodcarver, chaser at work. Painting fabrics in a handicraft workshop. Types of temples Borobudur, Balasan, Prombanan on the island of Java. Bali island. Village view. Life of the peasants. Children play in the schoolyard. Peasants during planting, harvesting rice. Tropical fruit garden. Harvesting coconuts. View of the Rajah's palace. Sultan's palace in Yogyakarta. The streets of the town. Bandung city. Traffic on the streets. Residents on the streets. Cinchona factory workers leave the entrance. University building. Rest of the townspeople on the shores of the Java Sea. The city of Bagor. Fruit market. Botanical Garden.
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, industry
, armed forces
, indonesia
, international connections
, religion
, everyday life
, government
, landscapes
, agriculture
, cities
, education
, trade
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V. Mikosha, I. Sokolnikov
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No Sound

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