Inspired by a Dream

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The film tells about the organization in Kazan of the club "Young technicians" for the design of ultralight aircraft, as well as the "Aviation sports and technical detachment", created on the basis of the Kazan Aviation Institute, for the design of hang gliders. Kazan. DOSAAF airfield. Glider flight. The pilot is in the cockpit of the glider. Practicing glider control techniques at the aerodrome. Classes for teenagers in the club "Young technicians". Tests at the airfield, designed by Vladimir Chabaev and Vladimir Gurevich, an aircraft. City park with a model airplane installed in it. "Aviation sports and technical squadron" in the workshop of the Kazan Aviation Institute (KAI). Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Aircraft Engineering of the KAI Vladimir Alexandrovich Pavlov. The building of the vocational school of the Aviation Association. Workshop with aviation equipment. Students at work in the shop. Victor Kundin, Master of Sports, head of the Young Technicians Club, speaks (behind the scenes) about his attitude towards aviation. Dean of the Faculty of Aircraft Engineering of KAI V.A.Pavlov speaks (behind the scenes) about the possibility of serial production of a two-seat airframe at an aircraft plant. The director of the vocational school Fauzia Yakupovna Taukhuddinova says (sinhr.) About the possibility of students flying on the designed gliders. Vocational school students talk (sync.) About the possibility of designing gliders.
A. Privin
Film ID
aeronautical devices
, out-of-school education
, airfields
, professional education
, air transport
Number of Parts
A. Privin
Other Creators
Sound engineer Z. Gabdulianov, editor R. Koposov, announcer V. Gerasimov, director of the film crew L. Kuzina, scriptwriter N. Oreshina
Release Date
Has Sound

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