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The film tells about the history of the creation of insurance companies in Russia, about the work of the State Insurance of the RSFSR. 1 part. Panorama of the city of Vesyegonsk in the Tver region. Types of streets, houses, city dwellers on the streets. Horses graze by the road, children play in the street, ride a bike, women sit on a bench with children. General view of the decree of the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR on property insurance. This document laid the foundation for state insurance in the country. General view of a single-track railway (removed from the movement of the train). Views of Leningrad (St. Petersburg): streets, old buildings, Fontanka embankment, a bridge across the Moika. Opening of insurance companies in St. Petersburg: In 1827 the first Russian insurance company against fire was created. General view of the building on Morskaya Street (Herzen Street), where the insurance company was located in house number 40. View of the coat of arms of the society and one of the documents. General view of the building at No. 3 Gorokhovaya Street, where the office of the 2nd Russian Insurance Company, headed by Count Benckendorf, was located. General view of the building at No. 1 Moika Street, where the Life Insurance Company was located. Type of receipt of the insurance company. General view of the building of the insurance company "Russia", which was located in a building on Morskaya street. View of the sculptural composition on the pediment of the building, which is a symbol of society. General view of the building at No. 6 Gorokhovaya Street, where the office of the Salamandra insurance company was located. View of the coat of arms of the society. Coats of arms of insurance companies: "Russian Insurance Company 1867", "Northern Insurance Company", Insurance Joint Stock Company "Nadezhda", "St. Petersburg Insurance Company 1858", "Petrograd TVO Insurance", "Russian Lloyd 1870". Fragment of the film by S. Eisenstein October (1927): the capture of the Winter Palace in 1917. Newsreel footage of the 1920s: the streets of Moscow (removed from traffic), people ride on the merry-go-round, workers of the GOZNAK factory are counting coins on the table, pouring coins into a special box; counters with sausages and other meat products in the store; the view of the Shelkotrest and Moskvoshvey shops on the streets, people enter the shops; a car drives along the street, tram traffic through Moscow square, people in the park (filmed from the top point); V. I. Lenin, N. K. Krupskaya and M. I. Ulyanova on Red Square during the parade of the Vsevobuch troops on May 25, 1919; a peasant sows grain by hand, women reap bread with sickles in the field, peasants by a cart with sheaves of compressed grain. One of the peasants is picking the grain with his hands; type of meat trading stalls in the market, sellers offer their goods; people in the market. They walk along the shopping arcade (filmed from the top point). Cleaners are cleaning shoes on the street. A man tries on a leather jacket in front of a mirror; the audience in the restaurant hall; view of the counter of a grocery store, on which there are cans of caviar, the seller puts caviar in a jar, cuts the ham; the audience dances in the lobby of the cinema before the show, the men sit at the tables in the tavern, eating. Interview with YS Bugaev, Chairman of the Board of Gosstrakh of the RSFSR (sync. And behind the scenes). Employees of one of the branches of the State Insurance in the working room at work. Part 2. General view of burnt logs at the site of a burnt house in the village of Shuvaevo near Krasnoyarsk. General view of construction sites in the village, where new houses are being built for residents of the village that burned down in May 1989. A panorama of flooded houses in Ufa. A woman is sailing on a boat to the house. Continuation of the interview with YS Bugaev (sync. And for the frame.) Boys on horseback gallop across the field. A herd of horses grazes in the meadow. A flock of sheep in the pasture. Types of coats of arms of zemstvo insurance companies. General view of a corn field in one of the regions of the Perm Territory. View of a corn field battered by hail on the "Berezovsky" state farm near Krasnoyarsk. Local residents demonstrate how big the hail was. The man pulls out a bucket full of ice hail from the well. One of the women shows the land on which the hailstones have not yet melted. People are walking down the street [of Moscow]. descend into the underpass Interview with the head of the advertising department of Gosstrakh of the RSFSR Galina Sergeevna Kocherova (sinhr.). Department employees at their workplaces. Pupils of one of the kindergartens sit in a group at tables during an afternoon snack. The faces of the children (cr. Plans). Nursery teachers with babies, changing clothes from, children in the arena. Interview of Nikolai Ivanovich Govorunov, deputy head of the Kaluga State Insurance Department, which he gives while sitting against the background of the city and the river (sync. And behind the scenes). talks about the fact that Gosstrakh is going through a difficult period. A sign on the building with the inscription “Hryvensky District Inspectorate of State Insurance of the Kalininsky District of the Krasnodar Territory. View of a service station built at the expense of the State Insurance Fund. The head of the station, Anatoly Gavrilovich Tarasov, with a group of station workers are standing at a car that has arrived for repair. Part 3. View of the building in which the Novgorod State Insurance Administration is located. Management staff at work. incl. and in the data center. Veteran of Gosstrakh Valentina Sergeevna Rueva talks about how she came to work at Gosstrakh in 1944, after the city was liberated from occupation (sync. And behind the scenes). VS Rueva sits on a bench on the banks of the Volkhov River. Views of Novgorod: St. Sophia Cathedral, the Novgorod Kremlin, the Millennium of Russia monument, the building of the Museum of Fine Arts, a monument to VI Lenin, a panorama of the Volkhov River. Bus at the stop. Residents of the city are on the pedestrian bridge. A young man sits with a fishing rod on the river bank. The head of the inspection of the state insurance of the Chkalovsky district V.G. Prikhodko is walking down the street. General view of the document - an insurance certificate addressed to the Chairman of the RSFSR Armed Forces Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, insured for one year in the amount of 100 thousand rubles. The movement of vehicles on the highway. Signpost by the road "Asbestos 1889". General view of the quarry. Where is the mining of asbestos going. Heavy-duty dump trucks "BELAZ" are standing, an excavator is loading rock. The head of the State Insurance Inspectorate for the city of Asbest, Nina Stepanovna Degtyareva, walks through her career, talks with workers who are insured by the company. Speech by participants in the amateur competition among the employees of the State Insurance Agency of Khakassia (sinhr.). The head of the State Insurance Agency of Khakassia Afanasy Ivanovich Kozhinaev watches the speeches of the State Insurance employees, laughing. Panorama over the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station, over the mountains. General view of the Yenisei River. A group of people stands on the observation deck overlooking Krasnoyarsk. View of the Roman Catholic Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord. Fishermen catch fish from the shore. General view of cars damaged in accidents on the road. Employees of the cooperative assessing personal transport carry out an examination of vehicles requiring repair; among those present, the head of the cooperative Alexander Zhuravlev. Residents of the city relax on the beach, swim. View of the bridge over the river. General view of the beach in Gelendzhik. The building of the boarding house "Yantar", owned by Gosstrakh. Vacationers on the territory of the boarding house, children on the playground ride on a merry-go-round, on a swing .. Interview with the chairman of the board of the State Insurance Committee of the RSFSR Y.S. Bugaev (sinhr.). Newsreel footage: A fire in an oil field, an airplane falls and crashes, cars participating in races are crashed, an airplane is on fire, houses are collapsing during natural disasters, car accidents.
O. Fedorushchenko
Film ID
urban transport
, rural settlements
, insurance business
, automobile transport
, monuments of history and architecture
, livestock
, everyday life
, public catering
, natural disasters
, preschool education
, building materials industry
, rivers
, railway transport
, trade
, plant growing
, key words: cities
Number of Parts
E. Novikov
Other Creators
V. Gulyaev, A. Yakusheva, D. Rudin
Release Date
Has Sound

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