Intercosmos Orbits

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A film about scientific cooperation of scientists from the USSR, socialist countries, France in the field of space physics, communications, meteorology within the framework of the "Intercosmos" program. The Czechoslovakian scientist Valnichek (parts 1-2), the German scientist Fischer (parts 1-4), the French scientist Kambu (part 4) take part in the activities of the program. The film includes filming of the assembly, testing, launch of the Interkosmos satellite (parts 1-3.5), the vertical-2 geophysical rocket (parts 3,4), the French satellite Mars, filming of the ionosphere sounding by Soviet and French balloons ( part 4) and other filming. PART ONE Kazakhstan. Steppe landscape, a sun disc over the steppe, an eagle soars, camels are walking. Chronicle footage. No indication of the shooting date. Czechoslovakia, Prague. The building of the Teslo association, employees of the association are at the instruments. Hertz Institute in Berlin. Employees of the institute carry out geophysical research, tests of the Mayak radio transmitter. Kazakhstan, 1969. Meeting of the leaders of the coordination organizations of the socialist countries on the program "Intercosmos", there is academician BN Petrov. PART TWO View of the city of Prague (from the top point). Pisarenko, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, gives interviews, talks about the tasks of the experiment to study the Sun using the Interkosmos satellite (synchronously). PART FOUR Arkhangelsk region. Snow-covered trees at the edge of the forest. Elk in the winter forest. The building and premises of the Arkhangelsk Integrated Magnetic Ionospheric Observatory. Observatory staff are observing. Chronicle footage. No indication of the shooting date. Employees of the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR at the instruments. Launching meteorological rockets in the North and South latitudes. France Paris. The movement of road transport on one of the streets of the city, the Eiffel Tower. PART FIVE Leningrad. Tauride Palace. Meeting of the XIII International Congress of COSPAR. President of the Committee for Space Research (COSPAR), Academician of the Academy of Sciences of France Roy opens the meeting, academicians MV Keldysh and AA Blagonravov are speaking (synchronously). [Moscow]. Academician A.P. Vinogradov presents samples of lunar soil to scientists from the GDR. Chronicle footage. Moscow. Academician M.V. Keldysh, President of the USSR Academy of Sciences, receives NASA scientists. The signing of an agreement between the USSR and India on the creation of a space test site in Tumba and the launch of an Indian satellite. Academician M.V. Keldysh signs an agreement. Moscow, 1970. President of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Academician MV Keldysh receives the American astronaut N. Armstrong, G. Beregova is present. Reindeer team movement in the tundra. A field of daisies (shot from the top).
D. Antonov, D. Bogolepov
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animal world
, international economic relations
, landscapes
, vegetable world
, cartage
, aviation and space industry
, cities
, cosmonautics
, international scientific relations
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V. Afanasyev, I. Kasatkin
Other Creators
Y. Golovanov, V. Gubarev (script), L. Khmara (announcer), music by V. Zolotoryov
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