International Economic Meeting

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Moscow city. International Economic Meeting. April 1952 Arrival of the delegates of the International Conference. Meeting of the initiative committee to convene the meeting. Delegates and guests of the meeting at meetings in the Column Hall of the House of Unions. Negotiation and conclusion of commercial transactions. Members of the delegations of the USSR, Korea, China, Bulgaria, Romania, Burma, Great Britain, France, Ceylon, Iran, West Germany, Mongolia, Canada, Pakistan, Poland, USA, Czechoslovakia, India, Austria, Holland, Tunisia, Greece, Italy, Belgium , Lebanon, Brazil, Egypt, Japan, Mexico, East Germany, Chile, Argentina. Speakers: O. Lange (Poland), Tomi Kora (Japan), M. Nesterov (USSR), P. Lebrun (France), G. Krumm (West Germany), M. Spahiu (Albania), N. Orlov (USSR) , S. Tejasukman (Indonesia), Gyand Chand (India), H. Fugs (Argentina), M. Hencock (Canada), J.-A. Busho (General Confederation of Labor), O. Milas (Chile), A. Hussein (Pakistan), M. Kadlec (Czechoslovakia), Chen Han-Shen (China), V. Winkler (GDR), G. Davis (England), E. F. Cavenel (Belgium), C. Bethpileim (France), I. Degen (Hungary), A. Viberti (Italy), R. do Amaral (Brazil), Lord J. Boyd-Orr (England), Nan Han -Chen (China) and others. Delegates visiting a Chinese art exhibition, one of the exhibition halls of the All-Union Chamber of Commerce, an exhibition of agricultural machines and vehicles in the Gorky Park of Culture and Leisure, the exhibition hall of the Polytechnic Museum, the sights of the Moscow Kremlin, the Lenin Mausoleum, the construction site of Moscow State University, the Bolshoi Theater. Fragments of the ballet "Sleeping Beauty". O. Lepeshinskaya as Aurora.
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economic communications
, cultural connections
, exhibitions
, agricultural engineering
, higher education
, museums
, theatre
, monuments of architecture
, automotive industry
, painting
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G. 39582 * 1 Epifanov, Zenyakin, Lozovsky, Filatov, E. Yatsun, A. Khavchin, I. Belyakov, A. Levitan, S. Gusev, M. Oshurkov, P. Opryshko, Z. Feldman, Kotlyarenko, Mikheev, V. Shtatland, R. Khalushakov
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