International Film Festival in Moscow

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cor. 1. Landing of the aircraft at the airport. Italian actress S. Lauren descends the stairs. Among the greeters G. Alexandrov. Flag of the VI Moscow Film Festival in front of the main entrance of the Rossiya Hotel. Festival participants lay wreaths at the Lenin Mausoleum, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Among them: A. Karaganov, S. Rostotsky, G. Alexandrov, L. Smirnova, R. Carmen, A. Lazarev, M. Simon. cor. 2, 3. Participants and guests of the festival visiting the sights of the Kremlin. Among them: V. Artmane, V. Druzhinkov, M. Yusri (OAR), M. Vitti and A. Sordi (Italy), B. Brylska (Poland), L. Gish (USA), K. Luchko, G. Yumatov , A. Thorndike (East Germany). Participants of the festival in the foyer of the Palace of Congresses, in the banquet hall. cor 4, 5. Speech by the Chairman of the Committee on Cinematography A. V. Romanov and the 1st Secretary of the Board of the Union of Cinematographers A. A. Kulidzhanov at the opening of the festival. cor6. Representation of the delegation of filmmakers of the Republic of South Vietnam, the delegation of British filmmakers, the delegation of the UAR. Cor. 7. Presentation of the film crew of the film "The Brothers Karamazov" (c / s "Mosfilm") consisting of M. Prudkin, M. Ulyanov, L. Pyrev, V. Nikulin, a delegation of cinematographers from Romania (I. Petrescu, Y. Daria), Hungary (I. Beres, M. Gabor), film delegations of Italy, Mongolia. cor 8. Press conference of the participants of the festival in the hotel "Russia". Speakers: A. Novogrudskiy, A. Karaganov, Blasetti, K. Lidzani (Italy), M. Neck (Germany), F. Arkul and M. Simon (France), K. Reed (England), M. Ulyanov. cor. 9, 10, 11. Conversation of filmmakers at the hotel building; among them are the directors V.M. Musatova, B. Nebylickiy, A. Semin, R. Carmen. Cor. 13. On the balcony of the hotel talking Hungarian actors I. Beres and M. Gabor, removed, give interviews. Actress I.V. Makarov. A group of TSSDF workers is filming the Greek actress M. Mernuri. Cor. 15. Moscow Palace of Pioneers. Conversation S. Mikhalkov with the Italian writer D. Rodari. Meeting of the festival participants at the House of Cinema. Among those present - actress T.F. Makarov. kor 18, 19. Participants of the festival visiting the Central House of Philosophy (among those present - BR Nebylitsky, A. Semin), inspect the premises of the television center in Ostankino, walk along Kalininsky Prospekt, visit the zoo. Meeting of the jury of the competition. cor 24-30. Closing ceremony of the festival.
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Y. Leonhardt, G. Serov, E. Fedyaev, A. Khavchin
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