International Track and Field Competitions Special Edition

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A film about the meeting of the national teams of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Soviet Union. Moscow city. Meeting of athletes from Great Britain and Northern Ireland at the airport. Parade of participants in the meeting and competition at the Dynamo stadium. Lord Burghley, President of the International Athletics Federation, speaking. Runs 100, 3000, 5000, 10,000 meters. Competitions in javelin throw, discus throw, shot put, high jump and pole vault. Relay race for women. Among those present: representative of the company BBC R. Alton, N. Ozerov. Among the athletes: D. Leser, B. Loucks, D. Kozlova, N. Otkalenko, L. Barteniev, G. Vinogradova, D. Parker, B. Stolyarov, P. Olday, I. Douglas, N. Redkin, M. Krivonosov, D. Taylor, T. Hopkinsk, A. Ignatova, A. Gorshkov, P. Cullen, V. Kuznetsov, J. Ibbotson, K. Chataway, I. Chernyavsky, N. Pudov, V. Kuts, G. Zybina, J. Carr, O. Grigalka, J. Disley, K. Brecher, V. Chernobay, A. Lapshina, M. Wooller. Reception in honor of athletes from Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
B. Weiland
Film ID
international connections
, air transport
, athletics
Number of Parts
A. Schekutyev, I. Belyakov, M. Glider, V. Kiselev, S. Kiselev, V. Komarov, A. Krylov, F. Leontovich, L. Maksimov, M. Oshurkov, K. Piskarev, N. Soloviev, V. Frolenko
Other Creators
sound engineer D. Ovsyannikov, text writer I. Prok, consultant N. Petukhov
Release Date
Has Sound

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