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1 part. Landscapes of Iran: mountains, waterfalls, cattle in pastures. Camel caravan. Ruins of an ancient fortress. Excavation of an ancient settlement. Views of Tehran. City Library. Part 2. Ruins of an ancient fortress. Pictures of Persian artists. Restoration of an ancient building in Tehran. Mosque. Part 3. Railway train on the way. Railway bridge over the river. Types of Persian women. View of one of the industrial enterprises. Unloading in the port of the Persian Gulf of Allied steamers with aircraft parts. Aircraft assembly plant. Soviet pilots inspect aircraft. Reception of vehicles delivered to Iran from the USA for the USSR by Soviet representatives. Part 4. Landscapes of Iran. View of one of the Iranian villages. The peasants are cultivating the land. Tobacco plantations. Collecting tea leaves on tea plantations. Cattle graze in mountain pastures. Women making carpets. Radio station in Tehran. Part 5. The orchestra performs at the radio studio in Tehran. Highway in the mountains. Camel caravan. Jewelers making jewelry. Textile factory. Tobacco factory. Hospital in Tehran. Beach on the shores of the Persian Gulf. Part 6. State Bank in Tehran. The streets of the town. Students of one of the schools in Tehran in a math lesson, in a physical education lesson. Sale of newspapers in the streets. Cinema in Tehran, where Soviet films are shown. Exhibition of posters of Soviet artists in Tehran. Tehran residents collect gifts for the defenders of Stalingrad. Part 7. Sports competitions at the city stadium. Winner's reward ceremony. View of the Persian Gulf. Performance of the Iranian song and dance ensemble in the city square. Tehran at night.
I. Poselsky
Film ID
, state international relations
, countries
, landscapes
, cities
, education
, 2nd world war
, monuments of history and architecture
, culture
Number of Parts
I. Sokolnikov, V. Shtatland, M. Sukhova
Other Creators
author of the text B. Agapov, music producer A. Roitman, sound engineer D. Ovsyannikov, artists I. Nizhnik, P. Sokolov
Release Date
Has Sound

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