Irkutsk Side

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Baikal. A train goes along the shore. Alexandrovsky Central Window. Single camera. Convicts are being driven through the stage (footage from a feature film). Irkutsk airfield. The plane TU-104 is landing. Irkutsk city. The streets of the town. An old house with columns. Bell tower of the old church. The building of the Kuibyshev plant. Regional drama theater. University. Branch of the Academy of Sciences. University of the Foreign languages. The building of the economic council. Gold mines. Draga in the Bodaibo area. Lena execution (photo). Construction of the Mamakan hydroelectric power station. Marble quarry. Suspended road. Cement factory. Coal mining in the Cheremkhovsky coal basin. Sunset in Bratsk. Hero of Socialist Labor, chairman of the collective farm "Paris Commune" IK Kiriyenko travels around the fields. Collective farm herd in the pasture. Maize harvesting. Landscapes of Baikal. Dawn. Explorers boat on the lake. Flotilla of fishing boats. Construction of the Volkhovskaya hydroelectric power station (photo). Irkutsk Sea. Irkutsk hydroelectric power station; academicians A.N. Nesmeyanov, I.P. Bardin, candidate of economic sciences V.A. Krotov are working on the station. Construction of the Bratsk hydroelectric power station: rock explosion, concrete laying. The village of Zheleznogorsk. Railway electrification. Children in kindergarten. The city of Angarsk. Labor Square in Irkutsk. Park named after the Paris Commune. Lenin monument.
P. Nepomnyashchikh, A. Rozin, L. Cherepanova
Film ID
, science
, mining industry
, energy
, fuel industry
, higher education
, preschool education
, landscapes
, building materials industry
, theaters
, agriculture
, cities
, railway transport
, air transport
, places of freedom
Number of Parts
A. Belinsky, M. Degtyarev, V. Mishin, D. Ozolin
Other Creators
Script by P. Nepomnyashchikh, sound technicians N. Vygolovsky, B. Kartavenko, announcer M. Melaned, director R. Blum
Release Date
Has Sound

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