Iron Children Confession Three

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A film about informal youth associations during perestroika in Russia. Part I Young people from different cities and various youth organizations talk about their understanding of love. These are members of the Strela rock club from Tula: with metal bracelets and collars with spikes, boys with painted lips and eyes. Eighth-grader from Obninsk Elena Masyukova speaks (sinhr.) About love as the highest human need. Olga Davydova, a participant in the experimental theater studio in Tula, performs (sinhr.) Juliet's monologue. One of the high school students singing V. Tsoi's song "Aluminum Cucumbers" says (sinhr.) That he will not be against the hobbies of his children, because with growing up everything bad and unnecessary disappears. Musical director of the rock-ensemble "Festival" Vyacheslav Yanko says (sinhr.) That different children and growing up is going differently. Part II Various activities for young people. A young primary school teacher is teaching a lesson (sinhr.) At the Rybnovsky boarding school for orphans and children left without parental care. A girl from the Strela rock club comments (sync.) The words “All the best for children”, complaining that it is impossible to dress children now - things are sold only in the market and for fabulous money. A group of guys make their living singing to the guitar on the street. Young members of the religious society "Krishna Consciousness" are in a personal search for love in life. The young man-toxicomaniac lies in a semi-fainting state. Someone is praying in an Orthodox church. Others are dismantling the old wooden house during the [subbotnik]. Olga Davydova from Tula and Lena Masyukova from Obninsk continue their conversation (sinhr.) About love. Part III Artists brothers Alexander and Vladimir Kartashov, Sergei Petnyunas talk (sinhr.) About the negative aspects of life in the Soviet Union. The rock club "Strela" regrets (sinhr.) About the lack of democracy in our country. The mother of two children - a member of the Kasta club (Kostya) and an elementary school student Ilya - Larisa Nikolaevna Lemesheva talks (sinhr. And behind the scenes) about the housing problems of the family, because of which the son of Kostya is not at home. The head of the department of propaganda and cultural work of the Tula regional committee of the Komsomol Sergei Sukhanov says (sinhr.) About the need to work with young people to understand the new generation. One of the members of the club "Arrow" says (sinhr.) That they are called to build communism, while the communists themselves live in a different way. The participants in the meeting of the first secretaries of the regional committees of the Komsomol of the Non-Black Earth Region are discussing [the development of agriculture]. Drunken young people drink beer on the train. Performance of a rock ensemble on stage. In the All Saints Cathedral of Tula, there is a bishop's service, it is conducted by Archbishop Maxim of Tula and Belevsky (in the world of Krokha Boris Ivanovich). Newsreel footage, 1930s .: children carry a banner with the NDP: "DAD, DO NOT DRINK WINE!" Part IV The first secretaries of the regional committees of the Komsomol of the Non-Black Earth Region at a meeting (February 1988). Komsomol workers - head of the department of propaganda and cultural work of the regional committee of the Komsomol (Tula) Sergei Sukhanov, first secretary of the Railway RK Komsomol (Ryazan) Sergei Kabanov, foreman of builders, former warrior-internationalist member of the bureau of the city committee of the Komsomol Sergei Biryukov (g Kaluga) - tell (sync.) About the problems in the Komsomol work. These are the problems that cause distrust of the Komsomol among the younger generation. The chairman of the executive committee of the district council and the first secretary of the Zheleznodorozhny district committee of the CPSU (Rostov-on-Don) Valentina Petrenko listens to discussions about the problems of the Komsomol. VIA "Festival" performs on the stage. Singing (sync. And off-screen) Vadim Kazachenko.
Y. Shcherbakov
Film ID
official publications
, local authorities
, cross walks
, general education schools
, unconventional life
, retail trade
, sabbaths
, cattle
, drunkenness fight
, theatrical self-activity
, boarding schools
, clothing markets
, magazines
, informal youth movement
, rock groups
, buddhism
, divine service
Number of Parts
Yu. Shcherbakov, Yu. Tarasov, Yu. Tuntuev, S. Epshtein
Other Creators
scriptwriter N. Babakhova, sound engineer Yu. Yurchenko, re-recording engineer Yu. Shuplyak, camera operator V. Stupakov, camera assistants S. Ribintsev, V. Ustinov, A. Andreev, M. Denisov, V. Zuikhin, editing assistant T Kirillova, music by Y. Roganova, editor L. Boyko, administrator S. Ribintsev, program director L. Goncharova, artistic director of the creative association "Contact" V. Golubnichenko
Release Date
Has Sound

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