Iron Shoots

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The film is dedicated to the history of the problem of soil fertility. Filming from space. Fields of wheat, corn, beets. Harvest. Agronomists V. I. Manchenko, P. G. Zolotarev, N. I. Senchenko and others in the fields, at work. Agronomist A. Z. Ivaschenko during a visit to the National Agronomic Institute of France in Paris, the International Chamber of Weights and Measures on the outskirts of Paris. Photos of the city of Paris 1900. Monument to Professor V.V.Dokuchaev, his photographs and books. Newsreels: dust storms, production processes in agriculture in different countries; speech TD Lysenko from the podium, planting trees. Director of the All-Russian Research Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking Ya. I. Potapenko at the meeting; surveyors are surveying the area. Newsreel of the Second World War: German soldiers are digging the ground; echelons with Russian soil go to Germany; agricultural work in the field in the regions of the Soviet Union liberated from the Nazis.
K. Lavrentiev
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the great patriotic war
, scientific connections
, nature
, agricultural sciences
, cities
, plant growing
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A. Ternovoy
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