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Selected plots. Chronicle footage of different years: Lenin speaks from the rostrum. JV Stalin on the podium during one of the military parades, speaks at one of the party congresses. Armed workers' detachments go through the forest, on the railway. at the station, on the train. A squadron of warships at sea. Landing. The machine gunner is shooting. One of the offensives of the Red Army. Fights on the streets of an unknown city. A Red Army soldier searches a man on the street [of Moscow]. Moscow: smoke from the explosion of powder magazines; from the burning warehouses of the Kazan railway. Rally on Red Square. On the podium V. I. Lenin, L. B. Kamenev, K. Radek; The building of the Michelson plant. Browning, from which F. Kaplan shot at Lenin. Ruins of the building of the Moscow committee of the RCP (b), damaged by a bomb explosion. Coffins with the bodies of the dead members of the MK RCP (b), a monument to the dead. A peasant hut without a roof. Hungry, thin child at home. A thin horse. Baggers at the train station, on the roof of the train. Market. Destroyed factories, trains. Saturday clean-ups. Peat mining. Moscow Regional Conference of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks). Speakers: E. Yaroslavsky, L. M. Kaganovich. Building of MK VKP (b). Hotel building "Dresden" [Moscow]; Demonstration in Petrograd (July 1917); State Duma deputies: Chkheidze, Rodzianko, Karaulov, Kaledin. L. G. Kornilov among the generals.
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civil war
, hunger
, kpss
, railway transport
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