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Sailing yacht "Nadezhda" is sailing along the river. On board the yacht there is an inscription: OMSK - DIXON - TIKSI - ANADYR - VLADIVOSTOK. A group of people on the pier in Omsk watching the sailing of the yacht. One of the crew members hangs the flag on the yacht. Crew members before sailing. Landscapes of the Irtysh River and its banks. Passenger motor ship "Rimsky Korsakov", barge "Omsky 108", tugboat sail along the river. Loading and unloading operations in one of the ports on the Irtysh River. Port cranes are working. Three men are walking through the woods. Chanterelle mushrooms in a package. Berries in the forest, bunches of rowan berries on the tree. Stream in the forest. Sandy river bank. Pleasure motor ship "Zorkiy" stands at the coast. A panorama of the pipeline running along the river on special platforms to the Tobol dredger. A group of men at work on a dredger. Views of the city of Tobolsk and the Tobolsk Kremlin. Sophia Cathedral of the Assumption, Church of the Intercession, Church of Michael the Archangel. View of the exhibits of the museum, located in the former. the governor's house on the territory of the Tobolsk Kremlin; among them: chain mail, helmet, weapons. A picturesque painting depicting Yermak's campaign. Monument to the "Conqueror of Siberia Yermak" in the garden of Yermak. The building of the Tobolsk Museum, located in an old building of the 19th century. Types of monuments to Pyotr Pavlovich Ershov and D.I. Mendeleev in Tobolsk. General view of the wooden building of the Drama Theater, decorated with carvings. View of the city of Khanty-Mansiysk. The inscription on the stele by the road "KHANTY-MANSIYSK". General view of the monument "To the Fighters for the Establishment of Soviet Power in the Ob North" (1974) on Svoboda Square, on the site of the common grave of the Red Army soldiers shot by the White Guards. Members of the yacht's crew stand on the square in front of the monument. Type of building [on the territory of the recreation center]. View of the fenced area of the kindergarten, the building of the kindergarten. Pupils d / s for a walk: play in the sandbox, swing on a swing, ride bicycles. A group of girls, who are engaged in the center of folk crafts and handicrafts of Ugra, stand in folk costumes by a flower bed, do needlework under the guidance of a master: they sit at a table, embroider folk ornaments with beads. Type of finished bead products. View of the national outerwear of the Khanty-Mansi peoples, made of reindeer skins and trimmed with fur. General view of boxes, boxes of tuesques, made of birch bark, woven from willow twigs, figures carved from wood. The guide of the local history museum tells the crew members of the yacht "Nadezhda" about the folk crafts of the region, one of the men holds a birch bark box in his hands. View of the pier on the river. Streets of the town. People on the streets. One of the crew members of the yacht "Nadezhda" looks at the shore through binoculars from the wheelhouse. The motor boat is sailing along the river. View of one of the settlements located on the banks of the Ob River. A woman with two small children on the beach. The yacht "Nadezhda" is at the coast. Men gather mushrooms and blueberries at the edge of the forest. The yacht "Nadezhda" is sailing along the river. Dredgers are working on the river. Index with the inscription "SALEHARD". Panorama of the city. Commemorative stele "Arctic Circle" at the 66th parallel. Monument with sculptures of a man and a deer. The helicopter rises into the sky. Airplanes and a helicopter on pedestals on the territory of [the airport in Salekhard]. General view of art products of folk crafts of the Far North: figurines made of walrus bone and wood, reflecting folk life: hunting, fishing; decorative panel made of reindeer skins and other products. Yacht "Nadezhda" at the river bank. View of the rocky river bank. One of the crew members of the yacht is sitting on the shore at an impromptu table, drinking tea, a fire is burning. Northern landscapes of the forest-tundra. Samples of minerals. General view of the reindeer herders' camp: a plague on the river bank, a reindeer herder with a dog at the chum; women's slippers are drying on sticks stuck near the shore. Landscapes of the river. Swans swim in the river, a heron walks. A man walks on the swampy soil of the tundra. The fish caught in the river lies on the grass. The yacht "Nadezhda" is sailing along the river. General view of the village of Novy Port with 2-storey wooden houses. Children of reindeer herders studying at a local boarding school are walking along the street of the village. One of the crew members of the yacht is talking with 2 boys. A pack of dogs at one of the houses. General view of a fishing vessel in the Ob Bay. Men are sailing in a boat, mooring to the shore. General view in the village of Novy Port "Freezer" (architect G.Yu.Bekman, 1952) - the world's largest natural refrigerator for storing fish. Refrigerator workers take out frozen fish, put it in boxes. The crew of the yacht says goodbye to the local population. The yacht "Nadezhda" is sailing along the river.
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reindeer husbandry
, school education
, christianity
, water transport
, museums
, theatre
, settlements
, preschool education
, landscapes
, decorative and applied art
, cities
, air transport
, monuments of history and architecture
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