Is It Easy to Be Young

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Problems of modern youth on the example of the life of Latvian young people. The author of the film, J. Podnieks, talks with young people about work and the meaning of life. Young people at a pop concert: listening to music, dancing. The electric train arrives at the station, the young people get on the train, ride the train after the concert. View of the smashed train carriage. Session in the courtroom: the judge, lawyers, prosecutor, defendants are speaking. Parents of those convicted of destroying the carriages. Streets of Riga, inside view of the cafe. Various youth movements: "punks" - gather in the attic, hold a volunteer clean-up on the streets of the city, "hippies" - take drugs, "Hare Krishnas" - pray, sing ritual songs. Fair - a guy climbs a pole, removes a prize. Young people shoot amateur films, edit the film in the workshop. Frames of an amateur film. Shooting classes in the shooting range. Young people are marching with rifles. Photographs of Latvian riflemen. Police work: protecting order at a concert, detaining teenagers on the street, talking with detainees at the police station. The psychiatrist is talking with the girl. The work of a young man in a dissecting hospital: he opens a corpse, makes up the dead, the dead on the tables. Young man's job at the post office: sorting newspapers and letters Applicants submit documents to the university. Soldiers in military exercises. Family photos of the characters in the film, including Afghan soldiers.
J. Podnieks
Film ID
medical services for the population
, leisure
, armed forces
, addiction
, funeral
, religion
, higher education
, festivities
, public catering
, the war in afghanistan
, stage
, postal communication
, cities
, railway transport
, offenses
Number of Parts
K. Zaltsmanis
Other Creators
Screenplay A. Kletskin, E. Margolin, Y. Podnieks
Release Date
Has Sound

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